Sasi Institute Of Technology & Engineering: Creating An Environment Conducive To Productive Research & Innovations

By M Narendra Krishna, Vice Chairman
Sasi Institute Of Technology & Engineering: Creating An Environment Conducive To Productive Research & Innovations
M Narendra Krishna,Vice Chairman

M Narendra Krishna

Vice Chairman

The world today thrives on spee as it is changing at a rapid pace giving birth to new technologies, consistently transforming itself with groundbreaking inventions that are altering the existing perceived reality and paving ways for more advancements. As a result, the world is now welcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution which is the amalgamation of rapid emergence of new business ventures and digital transformations. India also has been witnessing exponential growth in terms of technological innovation.

The remarkable evolution in the IT sector and the rise of innumerable entrepreneurial ventures are two instrumental factors behind India becoming the potential powerhouse for industrial development. With growing business complexities and introduction of new technologies, the need for efficient technocrats to fuel more inventions in order to aid the concurrent industry requirements is growing simultaneously. SASI Institute of Technology & Engineering observed the contemporary scenario and has endeavoured to educate the students with proper industry knowledge while creating an environment on the basis of latest technology education and encouraging research activities.

Located at Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh, SASI Institute of Technology & Engineering was inaugrated in 2002 with the objective to contribute to the welfare of the society. The parent organization to the engineering institution, SASI Educational Society is spread over East & West Godavari districts to empower the rural areas of AP and it has students strength of over 40000 across several schools and colleges under its authority.

SASI envisions to enlight the students in the marginalized
areas of AP about the latest technology they offer eight UG programs, six PG and three Diploma programs in various fields of engineering and business education. SASI holds an autonomous position with 2(f) & 12(b) status, accredited by NAAC and NBA and is affiliated by JNTUK.

Amenities & Infrastructure
SASI offers their wide ranging UG, PG and Diploma course program in various fields such as applied science & humanities, civil engineering, electronics & communication technology, electronics & communication engineering, electrical & electronics engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering and business administration. Looking at the current industrial needs, they keep modifying their course programs. Hence, they have incorporated courses on cyber security, machine learning and artificial intelligence in the existing academic structure.

The institute organizes a technical event every year that is considered to a sort of project expo where the student gets the chance to participate in hackathons. The event helps them to enhance their skills by exploring their potential. SASI joined hands with IIT Madras in 2016 and initiated SWAYAM NPTEL local chapter for certificate courses where a student can have the access to 1000+ web and video courses.

The entire academic curriculum of SASI is designed to give sufficient exposure of technology education and industry knowledge to the regional students. SASI has enabled smart learning program through integration of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Innovative Teaching Learning (ITL) in order to aid in extensive research activities. The institution has signed MoUs with Atelia Software, Eficens IT Systems, and Oorwin Labs to set up their incubation centre so that the students can develop their projects inside the campus.

They also have MoU agreement with Virtusa Corp, EPAM Systems , CSS Corp to set-up of Centre of Excellences in campus, where these companies would train eligible students in specific technologies and would hire
them by providing with Interns or full time opportunities . They also have MoU with Huawei Technologies for HSD programs that can guide students in app development with avant-garde technology.

They even train students with entrepreneurial zeal in order so that the future engineers can be able to make an impact in the society through their learning and visions. SASI strives to train young minds to be intuitive towards innovation and creativity. M Narendra Krishna, Vice Chairman at SASI Institute of Technology & Engineering adds, “We have a program called learn from the leader where we invite the distinguished people from HR wings or technical wings of corporate.

We invite them at least twice in a month to share their insights about the industries and latest market trends. We conduct this program so that student can get familiar with the current happenings outside the classroom. These experts come to the campus to talk about their perspective on their respective fields. Our student gets enormously benefited from such programs as it welcomes a broad spectrum of learning from the experts’ variegated experiences”.

"The entire academic curriculum of sasi is designed to give sufficient exposure of technology education and industry knowledge to the regional students"

Prospective Vision
SASI is committed to constant improvement of its educational environment that motivates research and learning experience of superlative standard and nourishing personal growth of the faculty and other staffs and the students. The organization will keep focusing on building a bridge between their alumni community and the students to modify the nuances of learning as per the need of time. In order to increase the further enrichment of their research programs they are also planning on future collaboration with foreign institutes. “We are aspiring to acquire the university status for our college in five to ten years down the line to promote our vision in a wider sphere”, Krishna concludes.

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