Imperial Overseas Education Consultants: One-stop Solution for Overseas Education

By Banit Singh Sawhney, CEO
Banit Singh Sawhney,CEO In 2009, Imperial Overseas Education Consultants was a small office in Santacruz, Mumbai, doing some marketing activities for colleges in the UK to Indian students. In 2012, Imperial Overseas started their frontend counselling with four counsellors and since then, they have never looked back. Banit Singh Sawhney, CEO, Imperial Overseas Education Consultants claims, “In the past five years, we have been successful in sending thousands of students to different countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, UAE and many more. Today we have five branches across Mumbai and Pune and have a team of over 20 counsellors.” What makes Imperial Overseas different from the other education consultants? Sawhney says, “It is our genuine concern for our students and our honest effort in ensuring that they benefit from our counselling and get admission in their dream universities. We try to keep our services very simple, hassle-free and fun.”
Imperial Overseas was set up with a single- minded focus on helping students make the right choices for their studies abroad. “We are a group of knowledgeable counsellors who believe that studying abroad is one of the most crucial decisions that students make and we ensure that they are well informed before they decide where they want to study,” adds Sawhney.
Be it making documents, applying for bank loans or preparing for visa interviews, Imperial Overseas has highly skilled counsellors who help students at each step to make the cumbersome process of studying abroad hassle-free. “Over the years, we have established certain processes to help our students sail through this process without any problems. We are available at any time of the day or night and all our counsellors share their email IDs and numbers with students to help them at any given point,” shares Sawhney. At Imperial Overseas, the counsellors do not follow a mechanical way of dealing with students. Instead, they follow a very personalized approach.
Most of the counsellors of Imperial Overseas have studied, lived or travelled abroad and are therefore very knowledgeable in their areas. They share their stories, experiences and learning’s with the students. Sawhney pinpoints, “We help our students understand course options, country options, application process, documentation and visa process. We also help students understand the financials involved and guide them with education loans if required.”
Today, when it comes to expansion of services, Imperial Overseas holds a different thought. Sawhney says, “We do wish to expand to new territories in the coming few years - a couple of more branches, more counsellors and of course many more students. However, as an extremely quality conscious organization, we do not intend to expand blindly and lose quality in the bargain.” Perhaps, this genuine care about the students and their careers is what makes an education consultant successful and undoubtedly, Imperial Overseas is on the right track.

Overseas Consultancy of the Year- 2017