KMPM Vocational College: Aiming To Create All Round Personality In Students-Professionally, Socially & Morally

By Meeta Jakhanwal, Principal
Meeta Jakhanwal,Principal

Meeta Jakhanwal


With the demand of skilled workforce across various sectors, the need for vocational courses has gone up tremendously. While there are some topnotch colleges which are delivering to the cause and preparing the learners with impeccable and unmatched skills, Mrs. Keoke Monroe Perin Memorial Vocational College i.e. in short Mrs. KMPM Vocational College falls in the group of high standard vocational degree course imparters. Believing in the words of Swami Vivekananda - `Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man', Mrs. KMPM Vocational College started its journey in July 2010.

Envisioning educating and training the students of Bistupur for professional excellence and success, KMPM Vocational College has been upright in providing academic excellence through application based learning, industry relevant curriculum, personality development sessions, and education on Indian values for becoming responsible citizens. KMPM Vocational College has been able to instill integrity, responsibility and social and environment consciousness among the upcoming professionals with its unique approach since inception. "Today's young generation needs to be morally upright for building an ideal future for the nation. The moral education they receive makes them perfect fit for the industry. Students learn in an eco-friendly campus which has state-of-the art infrastructure. Our labs ­ Computer Lab, Chemistry Lab, Hydraulics Lab and Physics Lab are booming with latest equipment so that students do not face any difficulty when they join the industry," says Meeta Jakhanwal, Principal, KMPM Vocational College.

A Notch Ahead of All
Affiliated to Kolhan University, Chaibasa, KMPM Vocational College offers Bachelor degree courses in Business Administration, Computer Application, Information
Technology, Science (Environment and Water Management), Mathematics and Chemistry. In between conducting classroom learning sessions, KMPM Vocational College holds regular industrial visits, on-job training and projects for helping the students achieve highest levels of skills for performing at the professional world. In a nutshell, the college is responsible in developing well rounded personality students who are professionally, socially and morally standout individuals.

Surrounded by greenery and itself being a landmark with periodic red bricked buildings, KMPM Vocational College's classroom learning happens in technology enabled spacious extents that are capable to influence students stay active during lecture periods. The students are surrounded by enormous knowledge enhancement gears in form of books in a giant library. They learn, grow and become expert in their respective fields. Adding to the optimum learning facilities, KMPM Vocational College has adequate games and recreational activities for the students ensuring they are not falling behind when it comes to the overall holistic development. Their students are actively involved in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like sports and NSS, which help in process. SAFE Club and Rotract Club are the organizations that are involved in uplifting the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the college premise.

"KMPM Vocational College has been able to instill integrity, responsibility and social and environment consciousness among the upcoming professionals with its unique approach since inception"

Striving to Raise the Bars
Uniform participation of both students and teachers in various conferences, workshops and seminars help them to upgrade their knowledge and skills by learning from industry experts. Because of these undertaken measures, KMPM Vocational College has been able to produce 5 university toppers in the sessions 2010-13, 2012-15, 2013-16, 2014-17, and 2015-18.

KMPM Vocational College, a unit of JEM foundation cultivates, recognizes and respects the viewpoints and contributions of the students, parents and teachers. It creates a safe and nurturing environment for
education for a diverse group of individuals. Respecting the individuality of the students, KMPM Vocational College is engrossed in developing each student's practical, cognitive, physical, and social potential. Through adaptation of a curriculum which is intellectually thought-provoking for instilling self-discipline, critical thinking and creative problem solving approaches in the students, KMPM Vocational College has been steering out leadership qualities from the students.

While walking on the path constructed by KMPM Vocational College, the students are becoming excellent community service provider with perfect awareness towards social requirements. Even the parents are encouraged by the college to support the educational efforts. It ensures positive parental involvement in each and every student activity. "We are thriving everyday to deliver an optimum learning experience to the students. Through effective team work, commitment and credibility, we are able to create uniform improvement in the students which is visible in their performance. We have been assessed and received ISO 9001:2015 Certification for excellent display of teaching process. Research achievements like `Recycling of Solar PV ­ Modules' and B.Sc. EWM Part-III students completing solar training with Institute of Solar Technology has been quite noteworthy. Our water chemistry lab was used for research work which I'm proud to state," elucidates Meeta Jakhanwal.

On 17th December, 2017 Mrs. KMPM Vocational College conducted an online examination for LibreOffice under the Spoken Tutorial Project. Students from all departments appeared in the examination and received IIT ­ Mumbai certification. Before that on 1st December, 2017, Mrs. KMPM Vocational College students presented respective expertise topics in front of heavyweight industry professionals like Shibojyoti Dutta, Head, Climate Change & Strategic Planning Services, Tata Steel, Gourav Anand, Chief Manager, Environment & Sustainability, Jusco and A. F. Madon, Administrator, JEM Foundation. Similar to these successes, its invigorating learning paradigm has made Mrs. KMPM Vocational College a prime destination for completing vocational courses.
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