Lovely Professional University

By Ashok Mittal,, Chancellor | 2018-10-12 12:43:22
Ashok Mittal,,Chancellor

Ashok Mittal,


hosting world leaders including Indian
President, Vice Chancellor of Cambridge
University, Prime Minister of the
Commonwealth of Dominica, Nobel
Laureate and many more, the convocations of Lovely
Professional University have always been an enriching
event for the audience. Since its first convocation ceremony
in 2010, LPU has never broken this rich tradition. On the
seventh convocation, which was conducted in two phases,
the major attraction was the presence of Dr. Ameenah
Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic of Mauritius.
She honored PhDs and toppers of various LPU academic
programs and delivered Convocation Address. During
this ceremony, 15000+ distance education students, who
passed their June 2016 examinations, also received postgraduate,

LPU Convocation also turned out to be momentous
for Mauritius and India when the Chief Guest, President
Ashok Mittal, Chancellor
Ashok Mittal, an exponent of industry relevant higher
education, is humble and foresighted entrepreneur
who has a strong vision to transform the way
education is delivered in India. Under his steering,
TRANSFORMING INDIA". Born in Jalandhar on 10th of
September 1964, he completed his Graduation and
LLB from Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar.

of the Republic of Mauritius, Her Excellency Dr. Ameenah
Gurib-Fakim was conferred upon honorary Doctor of
Letters (Honoris Causa) degree of the University. Dr.
Ameenah was conferred honorary doctorate for her ardent
working towards advancement of science, technology and in
recognition of her services for the society. On this occasion,
Lovely Group Chairman, Ramesh Mittal, Vice Chairman,
Naresh Mittal, LPU Chancellor, Ashok Mittal, Pro
Chancellor, Rashmi Mittal, Vice Chancellor Dr. Ramesh
Kanwar and Director General Er H R Singla shared the
main dais.
Admitting to be an ardent fan of energy providing
Punjabi culture, Dr. Ameenah began convocation address
with “Sat Sri Akal” and “Mainu Punjab ‘ch aa ke bahut khushi
mehsoos ho rahi hai.” She said, “Punjab is the melting pot of
incredible India and is undoubtedly a land of lions, where
bravery and courage rule the hearts of men and women
alike. Moreover, the economic opportunities in Punjab are
endless.” Advising students, she said, “Bring difference in
the world through education received at LPU. As a scientist,
I am enthused by LPU’s emphasis on invention, creativity
and development. LPU is a citadel of learning and has all
ingredients of an excellent university. Carry on this legacy
of excellence, which has been forwarded to you here.
Knowledge can only be effective if it is applied and leads to
innovation and development. Go on to deliver excellence
in every field of your life. Make your parents, Punjab and
Motherland proud of you.”
Illustrative, world-renowned biodiversity scientist, Dr.
Ameenah is the first ever woman to hold the title of the
President of Mauritius. Mentioning India as the land of her
ancestors, she shared that India and Mauritius has so many
things in common be it traditions, values or culture. She
also shared, “India will continue to play a key role in the
global economy and as an economic powerhouse in the
South Asian region.” She also wanted a kind of education in
India and Mauritius under which young and ignited minds of
both the countries should not leave for other countries.