Mathrubhumi Media School: Exposing The New-Generation Of Journalists To The Rigours Of Ever-Changing World Of Media

By The Higher Education Review Team
The Higher Education Review Team It has been hundred years since Mathrubhumi has been providing the Malayalees across national and international locations with news (printed form). Like its newspaper's authority in the market (one of the top 10 newspapers in the country), Mathrubhumi's news channel creates the same buzz. Led by K.P. Kesava Menon, Indian freedom fighter Mathrubhumi was first published on March 1923. During the years of independence, it stayed in the frontline new providers that detailed the message of the great National Movement. Today, Mathrubhumi is an indispensable alliance of Kerala's social life. In FM Radio and online journalism, Mathrubhumi has achieved the same feat through its extremely personalized journalism. It's for the students that want to learn the holistic subjects, skills and techniques used in media that led to inception of Mathrubhumi Media School. Similar to any other field, journalism is an ever-growing one. Individuals with passion to unearth true stories, discover and inform the public about important events are mostly suited for media and journalism courses.

Located in Kaloor, a downtown region in Kochi city, Kerala, Mathrubhumi Media School nurtures the new age journalist
with skills of finding facts and delivering them with sheer confidence. Fulltime PG Diploma in Journalism Print and Fulltime PG Diploma in Journalism Broadcast are the two courses offered by Mathrubhumi Media School. The duration of these courses is of one month with one month's internship training in print media (Newspaper or Magazine specialization) television, digital and radio media.

"Mathrubhumi Media School nurtures the new age journalist with skills of finding facts and delivering them with sheer confidence"

Mathrubhumi Media School prepares the students through experiential learning so that they are able to sustain themselves in the challenging media world surrounded by information and delusion of information. There are faculties having enriched industry experience imparting media and journalism education incorporating methods like projects and assignments alongside classroom teaching. Students get hands-on training in media lab. Reputed media companies provide training and internships to them and renowned industry professionals are invited as guest lecturers for giving the students a visualization what media industry actually is. They learn from library books and journals. An exclusive factor fostering the learning outcomes at Mathrubhumi Media School is Mathrubhumi involvement in education. Professionals from magazines,
online portals, televisions, radio and events lead the learning process.

Senior artists from film and television who are invited to the campus conduct interesting sessions on investigative journalism, feature writing, interview techniques and sports journalism. The invitees carryout interactive sessions with students stating how students need to adhere to the personal etiquettes norms and the importance of having brilliant communication skills. The school unchains the media and journalism learning from classroom teaching methodology and encourages students for adapting to self-made techniques for solving professional problems from the learning days through group discussions. In events like Mathrubhumi International Festival of Letters, students learn writing techniques from nationally and internationally celebrated authors, poets and figures ruling the world of literature.

At the time of these events, a healthy number of students get a chance of hosting the events' coverage. These students later contribute reports to Mathrubhumi newspaper, online edition and Mathrubhumi News television. Events like these are groundbreaking opportunities for students to earn their first by-lines while being in college. In fact, the institute's lab journal 'The Spectator' is entirely the students' initiative that procures their skills on page layout & magazine design.