Rathinam College of Arts and Science: Nurturing Young Minds To Transform Youth Into National Asset

By Dr. Madan A. Sendhil, Chairman
Dr. Madan A. Sendhil,Chairman Every year numerous students clear their graduation courses, and almost half of this lot remains jobless for a long time even after completing these courses. Set up with a vision to emerge as a world-renowned institution that is integrated with industry to impart Knowledge, Skills, Research Culture and Values is Rathinam College of Arts and Science, an institute that has been setting new benchmarks in the educational sector since its inception. Today, the institute has grown into a sprawling ecosystem of educational institutions catering from doctoral programs, technology parks to well-equipped Special Economic Zone (SEZ), incubation centers and public schools. Rathinam College operates with a vision to emerge as a world-renowned Institution that is integrated with Industry to impart Knowledge, Skills, Research Culture and Values.

Striving towards its objective, the Rathinam campus has been equipped with the most modern infrastructure and provides practical training on the latest technologies. The classrooms are spacious, equipped with centralized AC, digital projectors, and audio systems. The custom teaching software 'CAMU' helps better the development of application-oriented skills among students. Being an industry embracing campus, the institute also has high-end sophisticated labs to enhance the learning of the students. In Rathinam College, the computer lab, physics lab, CDF lab, electronics lab, microbiology lab, biochemistry lab and Viscom labs which are fully equipped with the latest technologies. While the college library is the hub for traditional learning and knowledge sharing, the college also has a digitalized library 'DELNET' that has Wi-fi facilities. The central library of Rathinam College works 24/7 and contains more than 15,000 books, 50 journals, 20 computer systems with high-speed internet facility and open access to all journals.

Talking about the unique teaching pedagogies followed in the institute, Dr. Rathinam College offers 22 undergraduate courses including B.Sc in Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics,
Physics, Visual Communication, Costume Design and Fashion, Psychology, Bio-Technology, Micro Biology, Interior Design, B.Com Banking and Insurance, Corporate secretaryship, BPS, Computer Applications, Professional Accounting, Information Technology with Accounting Analytics and BBA Aviation to name a few. The 10 postgraduate courses are M.Sc. Data Science & Business Analytics, M.Com CA, M.Com, M.Sc Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Bio-Technology, Applied Psychology, MA Journalism and Mass Communication, and English Literature. Apart from this Rathinam College also have 4 MPhil courses in Computer Science, Commerce, Mathematics, and Management and 3 Ph.D. courses in Commerce, Computer Science, and Management. The college also offers carrier oriented courses in collaboration with the EFFITRAC, Twirl Tact Technologies, DELL EMC, VMWare, CISCO and AWS to name a few.

"A world-renowned institution that is integrated with industry to impart Knowledge, Skills, Research Culture and Values is Rathinam College of Arts and Science"

R. Muralidharan, Principal, Rathinam College says, "Rathinam College provides innovative learning strategies like learning through activities, incidental learning, giving group discussion, and practical oriented learning. The Institution is showing uniqueness in the courses through ICT facility, flipped class, blended learning, internship, ACCA, US-CMA, and RPA/LSSC to name a few. Online courses like SWAYAM, Course Era, and internal components like online quiz, external participation, assignments and seminars make the learning more engaging." Rathinam College also offers a plethora of scholarships including merit scholarship, class toppers scholarship, sports scholarship and SC scholarship to make the students learning more comfortable.

Scaling New Heights with New Offerings
Rathinam College vests major emphasis on inculcating values in youth who can accelerate the overall development of India. Marching ahead with a mission to create a team of well-qualified teaching professionals who can build global competency and employability, the students of Rathinam College are given the opportunity to hone their skills during their internships in top
companies like Reliance, Infosys, and ESSCI to name a few. By combining their academic training and real-world industry exposure Rathinam College graduates are perfectly poised in the job market with TATA, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Ford, BOSCH, Avantor, IBM, Jaro Education, Axis Bank, Reliance, and Amazon included in their recruiters' list. In this age of global education, Rathinam College focuses on multi-cultural education and has now admitted 200 more international students from 18 countries to their already impressive list of international students.

Starting 40 years ago with the objective of creating an educational community with a global outlook Rathinam College has realized what they have set out to do. Currently, the college is accredited by NAAC with an A grade and within the top 150 institutions in the NIRF ranking under the college category for the three consecutive years 2017, 2018, and 2019. The institute has also been awarded on multiple occasions for their services including 'Best Mass Communication Institution with Excellent Campus in Tamil Nadu award in - 2015', 'Real Hero Award 2015 from India Cements', and 'Best College in Social Service Award - 2K16 from Indian Foundation' among many others. To evolve with the changing trends, Rathinam College of Arts and Science, in association with ICT Academy, has set-up a sophisticated DELL EMC external research center and a data science and big data analytics lab on their campus. To offer courses that are future-oriented, Rathinam College has also recently introduced 9 industry-based courses such as B.Sc. (Visual Communication with Animation & VFX), B.Sc (Digital & Cyber Forensics), B.Com (Specialization with ACCA), BCA (Specialization with Artificial Intelligence), BMS (E-commerce Operations), B.Sc. Computer Science with Cloud Services and Information Security, B.Sc. Information Technology with Data Science and M.Sc. (Data Science & Business Analytics) into their curriculum.

Dr. Madan A. Sendhil, Chairman
As the Chairman of the institution, the presence of Dr. Madan A. Sendhil has been a key factor in the growth of Rathinam College of Arts and Science. His guidance and wisdom are helping the college to grow into the flag bearer for higher education in south India.
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