Prof. Suresh Advani,President Since its founding in 2004, Mody University is a distinguished leader in higher education, helping the girl population avail quality education with world-class techniques in an IT-savvy environment. The University’s global focus and its multi-dimensional approach to the higher education create education and cultural heritage of India,” says Dr. Suresh Advani, President, Mody University. With its global outlook, Mody University has much to offer the students by way of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom and is an ideal place to pursue higher education. Mody University values and recognizes international education as an important step in making them competitive globally. To expand the global opportunities to women students, Mody University has forged more than 20 international collaborations with renowned foreign universities like university de Nantes, France, Ecole Des Mines de Nantes, France, Stony
Brook University (USA), University ofMissouri (USA), University of North Tex-as (USA) and Florida International (USA) to name a few among them.“Many of our students are regularly selected for paid intern- ships and research fellowships by noted foreign institutes. For example, four students won the prestigious summer intern- ships at CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research), Geneva, Switzerland, one student was selected for full time fellowships at GSI, Germany andtwo students from Nuclear Technology went to Ecole De Nantes, France for one year internships,” claims Dr. Advani.Mody University is the first Women University tohave International Collaborations with France, Germany, USA, Canada and Switzerland. Last year, 12 BTech students from Mody University went to France and USA for summer internship and students of MTech were selected for training in Nuclear Security for one month in USA with all expenses paid including travel. “Next summer we are planning to send about 25 students abroad for internships. The GE foundation, USA (JFWTC) had offered four scholarships to our BTech students. Academic leaders and researchers from the international institutions regularly visit Mody University,” shares Dr.Advani.Under the leadership of Dr. Advani, the university is running Career Development Centre (CDC), which is responsible for the Training and
Placement of the students of all the Colleges of the University. With an objective to groom the students both technically and with positive attitude towards their life, CDC acts as a single window nodal point for their Career Counselling, higher learning and thrives for the 100 percent placement of all eligible students of the University. CDC also facilitates tie-ups and collaborations with different companies through MoUs, introduction of industry electives and courses, faculty development programmes, establishment of industry supported Laboratories, inclusion of industry experts in various Boards of Studies and other related forums and committees, online training and certifications and many more. “To acquaint students with recent trends in the industry CDC organize regular expert lectures, workshops, seminars, webinars and so on, in consultation with industry and also arrange ‘Get Togethers’ with alumni of the University,” states Dr. Advani. The CDC department has also adopted the Finishing School concept to make their efforts effective and to maximize the reach. They have formed two committees in consultation with the respective deans of individual colleges.
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