Dr. Ashok Gupta,Vice Chancellor

Dr. Ashok Gupta

Vice Chancellor

Most of the millennials, who were born between 1980 and 2000, have already graduated from the aca-demia and have entered into the work- force. Now, it is the time to teach the new crop of students, who on an average spend 6.5 hours each day saturated in print, electronic, digital, broadcast and news media. They listen to and record music, view, create and publish Internet content, play video games, watch televi- sion, talk on mobile phones and instant message every day. Grew out of the International College for Girls (ICG), which was established in 1995, The IIS University (IISU) addresses its new crop of students as Gen Z. “Gen Z does have different preferences and expectations for learning than previ- ous generations and accordingly the teaching style and way of learning at The IIS University has also been up- dated. We have adopted the e-learn- ing methods, audio-visual teach- ing techniques in classrooms and power point presentations, smart classrooms and IT based teaching methodology to make student-learn- ing process simple and knowledge sharing and delivery of subject content more effective,” says Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vice Chancellor, The IIS University.For Gen Z, learning is a con- tinuous, multifaceted experience, and this experience is best when it is hands-on. The IIS University to cope up with these aspirations of students, educates in a very creative way and encourages the students to think out-of-the-box. It gives great opportunities to its students to broaden the knowl- edge beyond the curriculum of studies and enrich them with an international exposure. The Uni- versity has a very well-defined charter through a set of goals which bear ample testimony to its commitment for enriching the academic fabric of all of its pro- grams. The institutional vision and mission is reflected in all its programs, as well as in its under- lying philosophy to be an interna- tional model institution.
“Our goal is to develop a suitable combination of skills, knowledge and application, and thus provide an education which focuses on employability, inno- vative entrepreneurial skills, and research,” says Dr. Gupta. Facili- tating the move from skill-build- ing to employable actualization is a crucial step that is ably under- taken by the University’s full- fledged Training and Placement Cell, which looks into the overall planning and execution of career guidance, career counselling and employment opportunities. On the flipside, provision of training programs and educational tie- ups/ linkages with national and international institutions has made the University an institution of choice so much so that more and more students from other states are seeking ad- mission to the University every year in addition to several foreign students. “Gen Z tends to be more financially driven than millennials, who are more likely to define success in terms of personal fulfillment rather than finan- cial statements. However, Gen Z students see university as means to secure a good job,” opines Dr. Gupta.

Over the years, since its inception, this University has driven steadily towards an outcome that provides for and facilitates opportunities in fa- vour of its future women graduates. To this end, it has been successful and has built up a name as a thriving global community that pushes, urges and aides its members, faculty and student alike, towards the common goal of self-improvement and to step-out with confidence into an ever-changing world.

Yeas of Establishment: 1995 Chancellor: Justice S. N. Bhargava Vice Chancellor: Dr. Ashok Gupta Advisor: Prof. K. S. SharmaRector & Registrar: Dr. Raakhi Gupta Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

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Research Papers published in the last academic year (2015-16): 22 Research projects completed: 35 Seminars and workshops organized: 181Total No. of faculty members: 249 Faculty to Student Ratio: 1:19No. of faculty holding PhD degree: 139No. of faculties pursuing PhD: 43 Ph.D. degrees awarded by the university: 105M.Phil. Degrees awarded by the university: 04Highest package: Rs. 5 LPAMajor recruiters:• Deutsche Bank• IBM Concentrix• Genpact • Infosys BPO
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