Naresh i Technologies: An Idea That Ushered Revolution in It Education

By NNV Naresh, Managing Director
NNV Naresh,Managing Director

NNV Naresh

Managing Director

Affirming India's presence in the global market, the success of IT sector in India is a muchhyped story. In 2000, the Indian IT industry was a ten billion dollar sector and there was a growing demand for professionals who are proficient in nuances of Information and technology. Taking it as an opportunity, many institutions started designing IT programs exclusively for Computer Sciences background students, but with an extremely costly fee. Coming from a humble middle-class family, NNV Naresh identified this issue and initiated Naresh i Technologies commonly known as ‘NareshIT’ with an assurance of imparting quality IT training at an affordable cost. NNV Naresh, Managing Director, Naresh i Technologies says, "The IT industry was booming, India witnessed a large pool of computer science background students being recruited by decent companies. But then, I thought why this opportunity is kept confined, every stream of students should get equal scopes." The most attractive factor that differentiates Naresh i Technologies from the rest is its curriculum, which is designed in a manner where any graduate with the right skill and hunger for learning are welcomed to reap benefits from the training offered. The curriculum is an exemplary package where qualities enhanced and streamlined technical skill set, Business communication, Problem-solving skills, Self management & adaptability in the trainees are inculcated in the students.

Based in Hyderabad, Naresh i Technologies is today the response of the unheard voice of many graduates who selected a wrong stream and ended up being unemployed. The institutions offer almost all the courses, which are trending in IT market including, Artificial intelligence, Big data, Machine learning, Internet of Things, Web Technologies, Cyber security including JAVA and MS.NET for which Naresh i Technologies is quite famous. "Looking at the crisis of job market now, our primary goal is to deliver the content that will intensify employability skills of our students along with technical skills," opines Naresh.

As the learners at Naresh i Technologies consist of people of mixed age group and profession, the time schedules are kept comprehending the comfort of learners. In fact, a lot of students come for training while they are in their college during summer vacations. "Our students are our first priority as they play a vital role in our success story. This is our responsibility to stand upon their expectation and work collaboratively to achieve their respective goals," claims Naresh. The students of Naresh i Technologiesare indeed the brand endorsers of the institute. Trained students of 1800 colleges from 16 states of the country, Naresh i Technologies today is a popular name
among the student community. "In order to make the programs accessible for the alumni , other students of the institution along with the aspirants residing in remote areas, we offer online training sessions using the
latest state of the art software tools and via the video and desktop sharing facility," states Naresh. Currently, more than 4000 trainees attend diverse Online Training Sessions of Naresh i Technologies from 20 different countries weekly.

Naresh i Technologies students prefer to stay in close proximity of the institute, which helps students to attend classes without wasting time and money, because of this many businesses are mushrooming from small tea stalls, restaurant, stationery to budgeted hostels for both Men and women. Ameerpet in Hyderabad is consider the most economical and sought after destination for IT training and Naresh i Technologies stands NO.1 Institute for training in different technology as per the requirement in IT industry.

It is has been proved and witnessed that employees who receive training continuously are more capable of performing a task than an employee who doesn't involve themselves in upskilling. “We provide classroom and online training for corporate employees focusing on advance skills which are need of the hour for IT industry and also it is necessary to keep training batches which does not hamper their work timings,” sasy Naresh. When it comes to upskilling, Naresh i Technologies has become the first choice for numerous companies. "We are preferred Corporate Training Partner for 150+ IT companies in Hyderabad and we assist 800+ IT companies across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai & Pune to fulfill their fresher openings," explains Naresh. Around 30 percent of the trainers of the institution are rendering training to IT professionals aspiring for up-skilling.

Given to the regular collaboration of Naresh i Technologies with other top-notch companies, a good percentage of the students receiving training draw the opportunity to grab decent jobs in those companies. With the apt curriculum and flexible model of learning, every student trained from Naresh i Technologies is undoubtedly spelling success by executing their knowledge in the realm of the corporate market. "We are utterly content with the achievement the entire members of Naresh i Technologies have been able to achieve. However, to guarantee the best learning experience for our trainees, we are building an LMS which is expected to be released by mid-2018," concludes Naresh.
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