Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies: Restoring Employability Options By Imparting Top-Notch Business Analytics Courses


Out of many successful individuals in the fields of engineering, technology, pharmacy, architecture, commerce, economics, law, science, liberal arts, design, performing arts, mathematical science, a few reach the top and achieve supremacy. These are the ones who have indigenous ideas over the business models of the related divisions. They are capable of solving complex business problems with their analytical skills. It becomes possible for them only because they pursued management education in business analytics. While there are many institutes that are holistically imparting business analytics management degree course, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) is one of the top business institutes in India which houses a global standard business analytics curriculum. The business institute was started by Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal (a Public Charitable Trust) in 1981 in Mumbai. Gradually, NMIMS has expanded its presence in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Indore, Shirpur, Dule, and Chandigarh.

What NMIMS Offers
In its 38 years of existence, NMIMS has grown to become a top B-School with multi-disciplinary courses skewed to business management orientation. Operating with a mission to emerge as a globally admired university by 2030, NMIMS Hyderabad became the first in the region to offer certificate programs in `Business Analytics' five years ago. The Hyderabad campus was established in the year 2010 with the thundering purpose to impart enduring values to the various stakeholders through the creation and dissemination of relevant and contemporary industry oriented knowledge. This campus has now introduced comprehensive postgraduate diploma in management with business analytics (PGDM-BA). By introducing this course, NMIMS Hyderabad gives opportunities to students to learn business analytics through a full-time PGDM program, executive weekend program and also undergraduate programs like BA, BA LLB, B. Pharmacy and other integrated programs. At a very short span of time, NMIMS Hyderabad has already provided high quality trained human resources, which are actively increasing the industry growth.

Being the youngest B-School in the country, NMIMS Hyderabad has received prestigious and coveted AMBA (Association of
MBAs) accreditation in 2016 and reaccreditation in 2018. By doing this, NMIMS Hyderabad has placed itself in the influencing group of B-Schools in the country. The Nation-al Human Resource Development, which is India's largest HRD professional network, has ranked NMIMS 6th and 5th consecutively for the years of 2016 and 2017.

The institute offers both fulltime residential 24 months PGDM pro-gram and 20-month weekend Executive PGDM to working professionals since the inception. Now, a 16-month Executive PGDM in Business Analytics programme may enable working professionals to get exposed to industry-relevant topics. The programme helps in gaining cutting edge skills pertaining to business analytics tools that include descriptive, predictive, forecasting, prescriptive, and visual analytics. After completing the course, the students may join or shift the industry as Business analyst role or as research consultant.

“NMIMS offers both fulltime residential 24 months PGDM program and 20-month weekend Executive PGDM to working professionals since the inception”

What you learn at NMIMS
Learning Cutting Edge Tools: PGDM ­ BA program emphasizes on helping managers to make sound strategic and function decisions on the various management domains like marketing, finance, operations and supply chain, whereby the participants accomplish gaining skills on tools like R, Python, Tableau, Power BI and Excel.

"Working professionals and entrepreneurs having at least two years of work experience and are aspiring to enter the analytics arena are best suited for this course," says Dr Abhilash. NMIMS delivers lessons on fundamentals of statistics and helps the students to implement computer programs during the classroom hours. The faculties' carryout lab sessions and cap stone projects, live instruction of over 540 hours. Some of the subjects that the students master are SQL, Probability and Statistics, Principles of Machine Learning, Visual Analytics, Fundamentals of Data Processing, Applied Multivariate Data Analysis, Marketing Analytics, HR Analytics, Financial Analytics, Operational and Supply Chain Analytics. Also, NMIMS has mandated a term-end project that encapsulates the learning from different subjects learned during the course tenure.

Going as per the stats, analytics jobs require a huge number of workforces. Last year, around 78,000 positions in this field were vacant and it is yet to be filled in. Almost 98 percent analytics jobs advertised are full-time jobs and 62 percent in this is looking for
candidates with less than 5 years' experience.

Understanding the need and amidst perfecting the business analytics skills of the students, NMIMS caters to the needs of corporate interface. There is a need to have long term relationship with corporate community for both programme delivery, curriculum validity and career path options through campus engagement initiatives. At NMIMS, we are closely working with organizations like Datawise Management, Capegemini, Synchrony Financials, Broadridge Financials and other industry partners.

Dr Ravi Kiran, who is part of executive education at NMIMS Hyderabad has stated that Gartner has predicted that the deployment of AI in business analytics to be the second most important technology trend of 2019. In all likelihood based on such predictions, by the end of 2020, more than 40 percent of data science tasks will be augmented and automated. Chabots and Alexas of this generation have started interacting with human beings and responding many of customer queries.

Given the market dynamics and future demands of industry, probably it is the right time to pursue business analytics courses from reputed institutions. There are plenty of opportunities available for Young India after successful completion of such executive courses. NMIMS is happy to join the bandwagon to offer such unique programmes for the benefit industry.

We are moving from static dashboards to more robust & agile dashboards. This is the sea change in decision making efforts of corporate India. NMIMS encourages faculty members and students to skew their learning for larger good of ecosystem
Dr Prithvi Yadav, Director NMIMS Hyderabad & Professor of Business Analytics

Companies are now hugely dependent on business analysts and project managers to navigate them through this digital disruption. Their advice on best practice and emerging technologies seems to be critical. At NMIMS, we produce such talent for the need of Industry
Dr Abhilash Ponnam, Certified Business Analyst & Faculty of Business Analytics, NMIMS Hyderabad

Operational analytics is emerging in the area of business analytics which focuses on improving existing operations. This involves the use of various data mining and data aggregation tools to get more transparent information for business planning.
Dr. Kottala Sri Yogi, Operations Faculty at NMIMS, Hyderabad
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