DataMitesTM: Bracing The Learners For An Exciting And Promising Career In Data Science

By Mrs. Kamakshi Chemikala, Co-Founder
Mrs. Kamakshi Chemikala,Co-Founder Piling data along with a surge in fields such as AI, Machine Learning, and data science has made `analytics' the most sought after and lucrative professions of the 21st century. Enabling aspiring candidates to achieve their career goals with Data Science and helping the industry to recruit the most knowledge-able professionals, DataMitesTM was formed by a team of leading experts, who played key roles in Europeon Commission projects in Data Science and IoT. DataMitesTM is registered brand in Netherlands since 2009 and started India operations as Data-MitesTM Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in mid 2017. The institute aims to create professionals with Data Science and Machine Learning skills aligned with Industry. DataMitesTM is an Accredited institute by the International Association of Business Analytics Certification (IABACTM). Apart from India, DataMitesTM also has its presence and roots in US and Netherlands.

“DataMitesTM have earned much acknowledgment from the receiver of the courses and the
existing testimonials are the testament of this.We pride ourselves on being unique from rest of the counterpart institutes, owing to the fact that DataMitesTM is the only institute in the country which awards the candidates with a globally accepted certificate by an esteemed certification body such as IABACTM,” proudly says Mrs. Kamakshi Chemikala, Co-Founder, DataMitesTM ­ India. From Data Science Foundation course and Certified Data Scientist courses to Data Science with R courses and Python for Data Science courses, the institute has covered a wide-range of courses including courses on AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and so on.

"DataMitesTM runs the courses as per the prescribed IABAC syllabusTM, which is a blend of thorough practical and theoretical insights"

As the institute is responsible to train experienced professionals along with fresh graduates, the management takes precise care while taking any trainer on the board. “Undeniably, there is a challenge in terms of recruiting qualified trainers. We, at DataMitesTM, are fortunate to be backed by trainers who not only are experts in delivering Data Science, Machine learning related global projects, but are also motivated to deliver the best training to the candidates,” pinpoints Mrs. Kamakshi. Considering that optimum recipients of the courses are
working professionals, the institute imparts training in all three forms viz. online, e-learning where self-learning is promoted via providing recorded videos of the lectures and classroom training in centers located in major cities of India like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

The institute runs the courses as per the prescribed IABAC syllabusTM, which is a blend of thorough practical and theoretical insights. Having expertise in their fields, the trainers of DataMitesTM ensure that the students are rendered an in-depth knowledge and practical implications of the respective subjects through combining intensive classroom sessions, live projects, and LVS training. Simplifying and intensifying the learning quotient, the learners are also rendered unlimited access to Data Science Cloud Lab for practice. “DataMitesTM has client presence in Europe, UK, and the USA where we conceptualize, build, and deploy Data Science solutions that can transform the trajectories of organizations. This greatly assists our learners in undertaking live projects and also gets to work with the client companies,” claims Mrs. Kamakshi. By providing constant sup-port to professionals in switching jobs and helping the fresher to gain work experience, DataMitesTM is all set to gift the industry with a breed of analytical data expert instilled with substantial technical skills.
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