Dr.P.Krishnakumar,CEO and Secretary


CEO and Secretary

The black coat and white shirt symbolize an advocate or a lawyer. But, the real insignia of this profession is added when the white band or the barrister band adorns them. The law colleges in our country have been producing a number of efficient lawyers, which marks that the legal profession in our country bears successful outcome. Located qin the midst of enchanting greenery landscape at Palakkad, Kerala, Nehru Academy of Law attempts to equip the rural students in par with the national law school products.

The institute was established with the vision to ensure that every citizen of India should be literate of all legal matters having a significant impact on his/ her life and labour and to seek justice, if required. “Ignorance of law is not an excuse and this should be addressed on a serious note. With the objective of delivering world-class quality in education and training in a structured way, the the Nehru College of Educational and Charitable Trust constituted under the authorship of P.K. Das, a chartered Engineer and academician, started Nehru Academy of Law in the year 2015,” says Dr. P D Sebastian, Principal, Nehru Academy of Law.
The trust is one among the pioneers in the field of Engineering, Medicine and Legal Education and Training. Nehru Academy of Law is considered as a gift to the world of Legal Education in general and to the people of Kerala in particular. The Trust has left no stone unturned to make this institution internationally renowned and this can be found with eloquence in each phase of its development. Dr. Sebastian adds, “The institute has highly qualified and dedicated faculty members, including well experienced senior professors and legal personalities from various courses across the country.”

The primary objective of the Nehru Academy of Law is to impart quality oriented research and legal education. The institute enables the students of all categories to expand the horizon of their legal knowledge and imparts the same effectively through the help of these faculty members and the curriculum. Taking pride in the efficacy of the institute, the Dr. Sebastian says, “Whether it is the corridor of corporate houses, field of environmental law, consumer law, the pursuit of social justice or the protection of human rights, Nehru Academy of Law is the right place.” Nehru Academy of Law offers two courses – five-year B.B.A LL.B. Program and three-year LLB program. The program includes a number of compulsory subjects, which complies with The Bar Council Rules of Legal Education 2008. The other elective courses shall be chosen either wholly from a particular group or from various groups shown as special elective groups via; Constitutional Law, Business Law, Law and Agriculture, Intellectual Property Law and such other groups introduced by the university/Bar Council from time to time depending upon the availability of infrastructural facilities. They offer practical training, moot courts, seminars, debates and library facilities apart from the academic curricula.

At Nehru Academy of Law, each student completes internship during the entire period of legal studies with NGOs, trial and appellate advocates, judiciary, legal regulatory authorities, legislative bodies, bank, stock exchanges, law firms, companies, local self-government and such other bodies.

The institute seeks to establish a centre of excellence for the study of law and research and groom professionals for practice and to enrich the legal profession enabling the judiciary to arrive at the truth of dispute so that justice could be dispensed to those who deserve it. “When you step into the campus you become part of an institution that believes legal studies as the means to the end. Whatever be the branch of law that interests a student, Nehru Academy of Law will instil a foundation of knowledge, skill and sense of purpose,” concludes Dr. Sebastian.
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