Overseas Education World: Finding Cost - Effective Quality Destinations For Medical Aspirants

By Zeeshan Ali, MD
Zeeshan Ali,MD Getting an admission for MBBS is one of the toughest deals in India. Every year, close to seven lakhs students appear for medical entrance exams with a hope of securing one of the 25, 000 seats available in the government medical colleges. If not government colleges, then the aspiring medical candidates need to spend a fortune – somewhere between Rs. 1 to 2 crores – to finish MBBS from a reputed private medical college in India. In this context, studying abroad is highly advisable for those who want to become an MBBS doctor without making a hole in their pocket.

Zeeshan Ali, who heads Overseas Education World, a consultancy that exclusively stands for Indian medical aspirants who wish to pursue their education abroad, says, “Compared to India, studying medicine abroad is quite inexpensive.
Tuition fee starts from Rs. 2 lakhs and it goes up to Rs. 6 lakhs per annum, depending on the college and the country, which is very less compared to private medical colleges in India.”

Although, the cost of study is one major factor that attracts many Indian students to go abroad for medical education, Ali adds, “Studying abroad offers students with a privilege of experiencing the superior quality of education services including top class infrastructure, well equipped labs and so on. Degree awarded by the medical universities in abroad is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and World Health Organization (WHO), so a student can practice in India after clearing screening test.” Since the establishment of Overseas Education World in 2008, Ali has seen considerable growth in the number of students travelling to foreign countries for their medical education. Eventually, Overseas Education World expanded its reach from Kolkata where they have headquartered. Now, Overseas Education World has branches in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat, as well as two international offices in Philippines and Ukraine.
“We have a dedicated team who works around the clock and we have helped more than 1500 students successfully to get admission in countries like Philippines, Ukraine, China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh and Singapore,” claims Ali. Simplifying the chaotic abroad admission process, Overseas Education World takes all the responsibilities, Including HRD, Apostille, Attestation, Invitation, Translation of Documents, Red Ribbon and Visa. “Since we have many education consultants in India, choosing the best among them is very crucial for the future education of students. We proclaim that since 2008 we successfully enrolled many students in foreign universities who have now become renowned doctors in every corner of the world. This year, we have achieved more than 95 percent satisfaction rate from our students,” pinpoints Ali. Now, Overseas Education World is not just a brand name. “It is our experience, commitment, transparency that makes us different from others and our goal is not 100 or 200 students, our goal is 100 or 200 doctors who can serve the nation, as we all know the problem in India is a shortage of doctors,” concludes Ali.
Overseas Consultancy of the Year- 2017