Prem N Kapur Associates: To Explore Endless Educational Opportunities

By Mrinal K Singh, Executive Director
Mrinal K Singh,Executive Director

Mrinal K Singh

Executive Director

Perhaps, the early 1980s was not a high time to start an overseas consultancy in India. Unlike today, studying abroad was not a middleclass aspiration and hence, the number of students migrating from the country was limited. However, Prem N Kapur – an alumnus of Cornell University, USA – was ambitious about the desire of Indians to study abroad and keen for them to explore the advantages of foreign education and hence established Prem N Kapur Associates Win 1981. With an office in New Delhi, Kapur started recruiting students for foreign universities and the first was his alma mater, Cornell University, USA, for whom Prem N Kapur Associates conducted short courses in India.
Since then, Prem N Kapur Associates has been helping students to join prestigious universities like Harvard, Wharton, Brown, Parsons, Oxford, LSE, University of Bath, UCL and many others for courses in Business, Engineering, Computing, Medicine, Art & Design, Architecture, Hospitality and so on. Even after 36 years since the establishment of Prem N Kapur Associates, Kapur is enthusiastic about his profession and he keeps in touch with every student who comes to his consultancy. “Having learnt from my father, I ensure that I directly counsel each and every student to identify their requisites in order to help identify the best options for them. We are also equipped with a team of well-trained counsellors who have MBAs and
international exposure,” says Mrinal K Singh, Executive Director, Prem N Kapur Associates. The consultancy offers personalized and in-depth counselling for UK, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Milan, USA and Canada.
“We are able to provide choices to students from all academic and economic backgrounds,” adds Mrinal. Prem N Kapur Associates provides students with an array of facts and figures, right from the tuition fees to the minute costs that will be incurred at the university.

Innovation and originality is what drives Prem N. Kapur Associates Pvt. Ltd. and in 2017, besides Portfolio Day #2, the firm has also launched an Economics Competition for the University of Bath, UK. The competition, exclusively for Indian students has a scholarship of GBP3000 as 1st prize which will be awarded by HH Prince Edward of Wales at an élite ceremony in New Delhi.

Additionally, Prem N Kapur Associates is in a move to extend its wings to the southern zone especially to Bangalore and Pune, so that students from every part of the country will have easy access to approach them in order to fulfil their academic dreams.

Overseas Consultancy of the Year- 2017