Rao Overseas Consultancy: To Fly Beyond the Home Shores

By Amit Rao, Group Director
Amit Rao,Group Director

Amit Rao

Group Director

There is definitely a difference in the quality of education offered by India’s premier educational institutions and the international institutions of repute. As per the words of Urmila Rao, CEO, The Rao Group of Companies, everyone deserves the opportunity for a quality foreign education. Taking this thought as matter of prior importance, in 2002, she started Rao Overseas Consultancy (ROC) in a small room with a work force of three people. She adds, “An international qualification enables a student with vital skill sets so as to compete effectively in today’s global market.” Now, at its 15th year, the then small room with a small team has risen to be one of the leading foreign education and visa consultants with 150 team members.
Based in Ahmedabad, ROC provides a rich mix of services, ensuring all necessary requirements to provide a hassle free journey as well as study experience at the country of choice. “When you come to us, our relationship is not just of a service provider and customer, but complete one stop solution for foreign education and visa. We strive to help you at every step of the way, from showing you the right path to fulfil your foreign education dreams, to ensuring a smooth and safe arrival to your accommodation at the destination,” claims Amit Rao, Group Director, Rao Overseas Consultancy. With ROC, the journey to achieve a foreign education becomes a truly enjoyable experience.
The process starts by helping in choosing the right country, university and course after a thorough career counselling. The next step involves preparing application documents to apply to the universities. Different foreign universities have different criteria for selection. The inability to satisfy which, might lead to lose the opportunity of studying at that particular foreign university.
“Our experienced counsellors work with you in every step of the way and ensure that in parallel, there is also a need for you to clear the Foreign Going Competency Exams (FGCE) such as IELTS, GRE, PTE and SAT,” says Amit Rao. Finding the right institutes and applying to them is only the beginning of the journey. The next important step is obtaining a visa to the respective country. Even if the institute approves the application, there is a need to get visa of the respective country. Depending on your academic qualification and FGCE score we provide scholarship assistance in cases that allows us," adds Amit Rao. ROC helps identify the right scholarship for students and helps them apply to it. They also assist students in applying for bank loans that can help the students study abroad.

Thus, in every stage to fulfill the dream, ROC stands with the students as promised, ensuring that the deserving are not deprived of the opportunity to fly high.
Overseas Consultancy of the Year- 2017