Kami DePape,,VP - Academics

Kami DePape,

VP - Academics

Recognized as an agricultural powerhouse in Canada, Saskatchewan province is also known for being home to people of many faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs. Saskatchewan is a place where communities thrive together and create a welcoming vibe letting the student crowd coming from different corners of the world feel comfortable and acknowledged. Newcomers to the province have an opportunity to maintain their own cultural traditions, as well as participate in new ones and this makes Saskatchewan the desired study hub for international students. Housed over 300 international students from around the world over the past four years and accepted enrollment of 100+ international students for the 2018-19 academic year Parkland College is developing as a mecca for international students.

Reaching to newer heights every year since founding over 45 years ago, the college has transformed into holding partnerships provincially, nationally, and internationally from being a small and local institution. The College has partnered with the province's major universities to deliver degrees directly to its students along with embarking on numerous international projects to share its expertise and provide guidance to colleges and universities in developing nations, including Kenya, Belize, Jamaica, and Tanzania. Vouching for high quality and learner-centric education and training, the College prides on welcoming students from India representing a majority of its international student body besides hosting students from Jamaica, Nigeria, Albania, Ukraine, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mauritius, China, Vietnam, Australia, the Philippines, and Fiji.

Kami DePape, Vice President, Academics at Parkland College says, "We believe in the philosophy of life-long learning and since the inception, the College has been working towards expanding the same philosophy in east-central
Saskatchewan. Today, Parkland College offers a broad spectrum of educational services to suit the needs of the community and prides on supplying local businesses with the skilled workers they need." The College offers a wide spectrum of programs- ranging from agriculture to welding including conducting a variety of university and skills training programs comprising one-year certificates to four-year degrees. In partnership with Ontario's Conestoga College, Parkland College offers the Global Business Management Post-Graduate Certificate, which provides an internationally-focused body of knowledge and skills for individuals interested in extending their business understanding beyond the domestic environment.

"Parkland College offers a broad spectrum of educational services to suit the needs of the community and prides on supplying local businesses with the skilled workers they need"

DePape adds, "Often chosen by our international students, this certificate is designed for individuals who have already completed a diploma or degree in any field." Moreover, the college keeps seats reserved currently for international students in the programs such as Agricultural Equipment Technician, Business, Continuing Care Assistant, Heavy Equipment Truck & Transport Technician and so on. Another element that attracts the students towards Parkland College is its post-secondary programs that meet the same standards as those at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the province's universities enabling students to graduate with the same credentials as students on those campuses.

Granting Comprehensive Proficiency
Spread over seven locations in the region, the Parkland College's main campus is placed in Yorkton- a city that is endowed with a peaceful, secure and vibrant community including featuring first-rate health care, great recreation opportunities, and affordable housing options. As Yorkton is known as one of the safest cities in all of Canada, the international students studying at Parkland College gets an assurance of experiencing an exciting yet solid overseas educational journey. Notably, the college is recognized in Canada as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and is now recognized in the Student Direct Stream (SDS) for India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
DePape pinpoints, "Small-class sizes, friendly staff, supportive environment, and avant-garde infrastructure and facilities more or less sums up the offering of Parkland College to its every student." Ensuring to render individual attention to its students, the College makes sure that the panel of experienced and talented faculty members addresses the international students by their first name, giving a sense of belonging to the students. In fact, the faculty members go beyond their way to look after the students' wellbeing and advancement followed by giving extra assistance whenever required. Simranpreet Grewal, a student from India while appreciating the College, says, "Parkland College is a great institution. The staff and instructors are always helpful and looking out for us. I appreciate the guidance, support, and direction the College has provided."

The college also stresses upon encouraging the international students to apply for the College's Internal Scholarships that are open for applications from December 1 to February 1 of each year. “As employment is given paramount importance in the College, we take initiative for placement depended on the program including a built-in work placement component, which may range from just a couple of weeks to a full semester or more,” claims DePape. Besides this, the College frequently work with recruitment agencies to expand its reach across Asia and add to the diversity of its campuses. “Presently having nearly 5,500 students enrolled in a variety of programmes and assuring the international students for complete assistance- from airport pick-up to personal counselling, we at Parkland College are resolute to continue handing over the students truly a Canadian learning experience,” concludes DePape.

Kami DePape, VP - Academics at Parkland College
Kami DePape is the Vice President, Academics at Parkland College, and has served as interim Chief Executive Officer since January 2019. She has been with Parkland College for over 15 years. Her historical knowledge of Parkland College and the College system in Saskatchewan is an invaluable resource in the many decisions that are required. Her knowledge, high standards, and a strong sense of accountability make Kami a vital part of our College team.
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