10 Most Promising Universities and Colleges in Canada for India Students

If asked to the optimum number of students opting for abroad studies on if they would prefer to stay back in the foreign country or come back to their home country, the most common answer would be on the preference towards settling down abroad. There are plenty of reasons which made the Indian students, take the decision of staying back in the foreign country, ranging from a lack of opportunities back home, higher salaries and benefits overseas, seeking a greater work-life balance, or raising children in a safer environment. While decades ago, the US was one of the top countries for international students to settle down in, it's gradually becoming harder and harder for them to do so. This is due to several factors ­ the due tightening of security post 9/11, visa restrictions in the current Trump era, and a need to reduce dependence on foreign skilled workers. In this regards, Canada is burgeoning as the new country of choice to settle down in post-graduation. Several factors have worked in unison to...

10 Most Promising Universities and Colleges in Canada for India Students




Athabasca University Athabasca, Canada Education for all is the buzzword heard at Athabasca University as it removes any barrier from the path of every student and provides them an opportunity to learn and grow.
Brock University St. Catharines, Canada Brock University has designed the syllabus to make its students grow internally and pave their way towards the brighter side of the professional horizon.
Concordia University Montreal, Canada Opening new directions for students to visit unexplored paths in the educational realm, Concordia University ignites a positive attitude among the students by making them self-reliable.
Fanshawe College London, Canada Fanshawe College reveals the talents of millions of students in front of the world by skilling and re-skilling them.
McGill University Montreal, Canada Enriched history and heritage is the source of power for McGill University, as it believes in preserving environment and still succeed in every aspect of human development including technology.
Parkland College Canora, Canada The park of society changers as Parkland College motivates students to achieve bigger things in life by imparting lessons beyond regular curriculum.
Ryerson University Toronto, Canada An amalgamation of classroom learning with real world experience and knowledge makes the students of Ryerson University different from others as they learn how to use their mind for every action.
Toronto School of Management Toronto, Canada The students get an inspiring, innovative and effective learning environment at TSoM to become industry giants and influential leaders.
University of Waterloo Waterloo, Canada Life is the best teacher and learning happens every minute is the mantra at University of Waterloo, and they thrive to transform the corporate ecosystem for betterment by educating students who are enthusiastic about every core discipline.
Western University London, Canada Diverse learning experience happens at Western University as students from different parts of the world share their intellect, culture and social background to give new dimension of thoughts to their peers.