Roots Collegium: A Premium Educational Institution Enabling Students To Become Game Changers And Leaders Of Innovation

By B.P.Padala, Founder and Chairman, Roots Collegium
B.P.Padala,Founder and Chairman, Roots Collegium


Founder and Chairman, Roots Collegium

Media and Mass communication education is gradually becoming one of the most preferred options for current students owing to its promising career opportunities and a gamut of thriving opportunities. Being a dynamic and versatile sector exposing the students to the new-age challenges, media and mass communication education is causing a noticeable stir in the Indian educational periphery. Arresting the attention of students to consider the journalism sector as a niche segment to build their career, Roots Collegium has emerged as a premium educational institution of the country ensuring top-notch media and mass communication curriculums.

The odyssey of Root's began in the year 1991 with a Vision of becoming an internationally acclaimed place of learning, nurturing entrepreneurship, individual thinking and enabling students to become change agents and leaders of innovation in the world's socio economic framework. The `3 I' philosophies of Root's which represent Individual, Institution and Industry provides a holistic learning experience to the students through creativity which acts as a catalyst to foster their growth and development.

Engaged in Continuous Enhancement of Knowledge and Skills
Very few institutions across India offer Media and Mass Communication courses and most of them have a syllabus that is purely theoretical with an indenting gap between classroom learning and the field. Roots has bridged this gap by designing the academic plan in a manner that brings industrial exposure and experience to the classroom like visiting TV/media houses and radio stations, internships in content writing, news broadcasting and so on. "Roots offers diploma courses in Photography, Film making and Advertising for the students pursuing Mass communication, along with BA in Psychology, Mass communication and English Modern Language.

The exposure to the industry makes our course more interactive and ensures hands-on experience to the students, making them more confident. Guest lectures are organized by inviting eminent media speakers and internships are offered to the students from second semester onwards. With a massive online
leap, as media has become overtly accessible to everyone, convergence and multimedia approaches are a few latest developments in the media sector", says B.P.Padala, Founder and Chairman, Roots Collegium.

With changing technologies and media of mass communication, Roots College has updated its syllabus making it wholesome and complete to be industry-ready and equipped with the latest Know-how. Assessing the syllabus and designing teaching patterns in terms of media theory and practical classes for media-related topics is adopted at the UG level. Regular practice sessions in terms of Report writing and Media Production are adopted to make the subject learning enriched. The faculties for Mass Communication at Roots are highly qualified with good industry experience and practical knowledge.

“Roots College is one of the authorized study centers for ACCA - Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, the global professional accounting body from the UK offering the qualification/certification”

"In keeping with Root's policy of continuous enhancement of knowledge and skills our faculty attended various workshops, seminars, and FDPs organized by other colleges, institutions and Universities. Our faculty presented papers in National seminars and published articles in journals to improve their academic transaction skills and to upgrade their capabilities.

Roots also organized various FDPs on `How to create an environment for effective delivery of classes', `Optimization of Tools', `Components of Interactive Sessions in the New Normal', `Technology and Improved Skilling', and so on," says B.P.Padala.

Promoting an Industry-oriented Approach
Roots College is one of the authorized study centers for ACCA - Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, the global professional accounting body from the UK offering the qualification/certification. Roots Collegium is the First-Degree College to introduce Toast Masters' International in the State of Telangana both at Degree level and at an Intermediate level. Offering certificate program called LEAF ­ Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Family Business for BBA and B. Com students, Roots Collegium forays into establishing a partnership between family business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

Perfectly balancing both academic and extracurricular activities, various co-curricular activities are held at the institute under different clubs such as Entrepreneurs Club, Film and
Theatre Club, Sports Club, Literary Club, Foundation Club, and Psychology Club to help the students develop their personality.

`Captura' is a signature event of Roots Collegium, which is an annual Intercollegiate Photography competition conducted to commemorate World Photography Day in which students from different colleges participate with enthusiasm to portray their talent. Roots' `Campus Connect' is the Newsletter which is designed and executed by the Roots students and the Mass Communication Dept. featuring articles, poetry, fun-filled activities and riddles for students.

To sustain quality education at UG, the Roots Collegium has entered into MOUs with renowned national and international bodies, like CII ­ Confederation of Indian Industries, Yi- Young Indians, IWN- Indian Women's Network and GIT- Girls in Technology. The students of Roots have actively participated in the National Leadership conclave held at Jaipur and Yuva fest and the Blue Ocean Dialogue organized by CII, which are programs initiated for the students to think differently and explore the unknown by developing business models.

IWN included Star trek programs involving conversations with Anita and Harsha Bhogle, Aruna and Vishwanathan Anand and so on. The college promotes women leadership and empowerment programs with continued and extensive focus on Mentorship through an array of programs such as Campus to Career, Women in Corporate Career's, Initiation to innovation towards transformation and `IWN Say Yes Leadership Series' focusing on knowledge sessions, Masterclasses and leadership talks.

"Our classrooms are linked with local media houses to provide a rich exposure to the students. Equipped and well versed with all the latest technologies and tools of communication to ensure an unfathomable understanding of the theory of media and communication, we are focused on collaborations and industry-institution linkage which enhances student performances," concludes B.P.Padala.

B.P.Padala, Founder and Chairman, Roots Collegium
A youthful visionary himself, Mr. Padala has 31 years of rich experience in the field of education. He inspires and motivates students by helping them to bridge the gap between what they are and what they could be, there by taking them to greater heights. Coming from the farmer's family his journey to establish Roots group of institutions is very inspiring and reckoning.
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