Sakshi Sharma, Principal, Arwachin Public School, Gaziabad

By Sakshi Sharma, Principal
Sakshi Sharma,Principal

Sakshi Sharma


Sakshi Sharma is recognized widely for her noble works and has been conferred varied awards viz. two Leadership Awards, one International Product and Service Award, Bharat Vikas Parishad Award and Rashtriya Shikshak Saman Award. Her association with different NGO's has gained her a status of hardworking and enthusiastic leader. Today more than 70 children receive educational assistance from her and this number is estimated to manifold multiply every annum. She ardently aspires to establish a school for the underprivileged children so that they can enjoy equal opportunities as the other children of the society. Given her kindness towards the children who are unable to receive an education because of lack of money, Sakshi has also founded the Sriniwas foundation with the motto of providing free study material and proper education.

Working for a Noble Cause
Founded by Late Sh. Shriniwas Sharma, Arwachin Public School (APS) aims to prepare students for life-long learning and for ethical, productive participation in democratic society and the global community. The school is growing by leaps and bounds under the leadership of Sakshi Sharma, the Principal of APS. A benevolent and exemplary personality in the field of education, Sakshi is a passionate social worker and a dedicated teacher. She is a believer in bringing a change in the society. Running successfully a chain of schools
(Arwachin Group of Schools and Ubert Learning Pre-school) in the Delhi NCR region, Sakshi always pushes herself to learn more and attain as much knowledge as she can from her surroundings. "I believe that students should be able to study and grow in a healthy environment. Hence, we at APS help each student for multifaceted development by rendering them a positive atmosphere to learn," opines Sakshi. Based in the 'Gateway of Uttar Pradesh', Ghaziabad, the campus of the APS is placed in Vasundhara town, encompassing avant- grade facilities like Wi-Fi, swimming pool, playground, laboratories, smart classrooms, dining hall, learning resource center, art studio and so on.

"An ideal teacher is the one who makes an exceptional student and an exceptional student reflects his teacher"
-Sakshi Sharma

Making the optimum use of technology to teach the students, APS has adopted all the modern learning methodologies. "Our teachers are encouraged to teach in the most innovative manner. They often use oriental modular learning system wherein students are shown various e-modules, comprehending the strength of learning from examples," claims Sakshi. The students at APS are engaged in several e-activities, mock examinations, and assignments, which are regularly updated on the official school website.
The overall ratio of the student teacher i.e 1:10 is also quite impressive where each student is addressed in an individual manner. "Each class has a class-teacher as well as an assistant teacher. We never make our students feel left out in the crowd," explains Sakshi. Holding a philosophy that is centered on praise, encouragement, enthusiasm affection, rather than criticism, fear, the school constantly strives to develop a sense of discipline and good moral character
in the students. All the member of the school is very friendly and generous, that enables the students to come forward and talk freely about anything to the teachers, inculcating a scientific temper and a spirit of free inquiry. The teachers pay special attention to character formation, games, and sports, literary as well as the cultural activities along with substantial computer education. Sakshi shares, "Once the students are given admission at APS, it's entirely our responsibility to look after their future life. The constructive responses we receive from the parents boost us further to excel in delivering the right kind of education."

Programmes like Sensory awareness education programme, creative learning programme, life skills programme and Health and Safety programme are also organized from time to time ensuring students mental as well as physical being. "As a teacher, I consider that involving children with various intellectual activities and collaborative activities is a great option to support them face challenges in a better manner and improve their understanding," mentions Sakshi. The teaching technique that Sharma promotes at APS urges the students to think critically coupled with the dissemination of the Founder' belief on learning anything and everything from the sources that are available to the individual. It goes without saying that the students who obtain education at APS evolve into perfectly groomed responsible citizens of the country.

Her Favorites
Book: Pride and prejudice, Difficult Daughters, The great Gatsby, All the light I cannot see
Authors: Jane Austen, Harper lee, F. Scot Fitzgerald
Role Model: My teacher, Dr. Saikat Banerjee
Movie: The Intern
Quote: "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today"
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