Adv Vaishali Walchale Jain,Secretary Education has always been one of the most important means of empowering rural population with the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the nation development process. Washim district of Vidarbha region in Maharashtra, however, has multiple issues to deal with. The prevalence of non-productive agricultural land and the limited access to higher education has left the rural population in social and economic jeopardy. Indeed, back in the 1980s, when the nation was witnessing various social reforms and empowerments in its semi-urban areas, the penetration of education and social developments in the rural parts were considerably low.

Since the establishment of Mukund Education Society (MES) in 1984 at Risod in Washim under the leadership of Mohanlalji Jain and Sushila Walchale, however, the situation started changing in favour of the rural population. With the help scholarships and other financial helps offered by the MES, more students were able enjoy the fruits of higher learning, which was then available at their doorsteps. Today, MES runs many institutes in the region including Nursing College, PGDMLT, Law College, Public School and a well known engineering college; Sanmati Engineering College (SEC), which is founded in 2010 under the affiliation of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University (SGBAU), with the prime aim of providing scrupulous pedagogy to the rural and underprivileged students.

Now, at the helm of MES’ affairs is its Secretary, Adv. Vaishali Walchale Jain, who is working with multiple projects on rural development for the betterment in education, health-care, skill and socio-economic conditions. Adv. Vaishali understands the vitality of research and innovation for the development of rural population, as she also manages a tech-venture, Vaishali Energy and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. which successfully generates electricity from solar and wind energy, besides manufacturing eco-friendly ash bricks from crop
leftovers. “Research reforms the society. Technological research begins with the creation of ideas and new concepts.In general, our thinking should be of the highest level to start with the research work,” Opines Adv. Vaishali.

"Till date, SEC has over 86 MoUs’ with industries from different engineering background"

Despite being operated from an obscure location, SEC holds high regard for knowledge creation. Every year, SEC orchestrates conferences and workshops on research talks by eminent personalities. The students actively take part in these programs and their interactions with researchers ultimately generate new ideas and guide them in filtering their thought process in the path of the invitees. “To make learning more interesting, teachers are assigned on presenting of technical videos, conducting seminars and quizzes. Furthermore, we invite renowned personalities every year for distributing academic prizes to topper and scholar students. These initiatives keep the dreams of the students alive and they stay focused on their goals,” shares Adv. Vaishali.

Besides education, students with unfavourable economic situations are provisioned with special scholarship programs, life insurance and emergency medical benefits. These students often meet their college fee requirements by utilizing library and extra-curricular periodic slots in making their own products and afterwards selling them in the market, under the ‘earn while learn’ scheme introduced by the college.

Using Different Tech - Channels for the Effective Delivery of Education
Nowadays, communication devices are highly used among the students of SEC for gathering knowledge. They are inculcated with facilities like Google Classroom, digital library ‘DELNET’ filled with e-books. Since the advent of the Google Classroom in SEC, the teacher-student relationship has evolved into a next gen interaction where the teachers assign tasks and projects online. Moreover, SEC has V-SAT setups for live lectures on GATE preparation and PSU’s exams. However, no matter how crucial theoretical knowledge is, a real engineer excels in the professional career exhibiting the skills obtained during industrial visits. Every year students from all core branches are exposed to field investigation in industries, which have collaborations with SEC. The students through these opportunities acquire an ever progressive thought process by
mapping the recent happenings and techniques of engineering. Till date, SEC has over 86 MoUs’ with industries from different engineering background! “The industrial trainings impact big time as Companies like Pompeii tech. Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Wipro, Tata Motors, CEAT, AGC, Reliance Kinetic Tiegen, Verroc Group, Flash Electronics visit the college campus for recruitment. Offering lucrative annual packages, they hire most of our students,” claims Adv. Vaishali.

On the other side, the faculty members of SEC exhibit huge effort in framing students both academically and socially. Students organize social events such as blood donation camps, Swachata Abhiyan, rain water harvesting workshops and many more. During the workshop hours, the civil engineering students train the farmers on harvesting rain water, while the mechanical engineering students make them familiar with modern techniques of cultivation with lowest possible investment. The electrical engineering students make the residents of Washim aware of optimum use and safe practice of electricity and the computer engineering students teach them with basics of computer.

As favourable outcomes are an integral progress of regular activities, SEC has dedicated this year in improving academics and laboratories and is opting for NAAC global competition and NBA certification for each branch. With the dedicated efforts of Principal, Dr. Manoj Kathane, all the staff members and regular guidance from management for continuous development, Sanmati Engineering College is destined to become one of the best institutes in the Vidarbha region.

Adv Vaishali Walchale Jain, Secretary
After completing multiple degrees in law, arts (philosophy), pharmacy, dress designing and Sanskrit language, Vaishali went for pilot training. She started her career as a chief editor in 1998. Now serving as the Secretary of Mukund Education Society, Vaishali is also the chairperson of SWASE Agrotech Producer Company Ltd. and holds the Managing Directorial position in Vaishali Energy and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. and started khadi cotton fabric production on handloom and garment manufacturing of khadi in name of V.J.Apparels She also practices law as a criminal and banking lawyer. Her faith stays for the socio-economic development in the rural areas and believes it can be achieved by improving the education facilities.
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