St. Joseph's College: Enriching The Lives Of Students For Creating A Better Future


Global higher education is playing a major role in shaping the modern world. With students becoming more interested and aware to see and experience the world, global higher education institutes have been competing to attract students from all corners of the world to join their institute. Separating themselves from the rest, St. Joseph's College is letting the success of their students do the talking.

Setting themselves on a journey in transforming the life of an individual, St. Joseph’s College, affiliated with the University of Alberta is now providing focus on maintaining the universal dignity and goodness of each person. Keeping in sync with the qualities and values of Catholic education, St. Joseph’s College views each student as a unique individual that has unique gifts as well as needs. The institute is located on the site of the University of Alberta campus but offers all the benefits of a small college experience such as small class numbers and the chance to easily get to know classmates.

With more than 100 years of experience in the field of education, St. Joseph’s College offers course topics including Christianity & Culture, History, Ethics, Religious Education,
Scripture, Theology, Philosophy, and Experiential Learning, and International Service Learning courses that involve service trips to Guatemala, Colombia, and Bethlehem. Additionally, the college offers a B.A. Minor in Christian Theology, as well as a Certificate course in Catholic Education.

Catering to a global audience, St Joseph's College has got several programs to help the international students with their transition. The institute offers residence to all the students, regardless of their cultural, spiritual, or academic back-grounds. The College offers community-building activities, ecumenical and interfaith events, retreats, spiritual and pastoral counseling, and numerous volunteer opportunities to the students.

“The people working and serving at St. Joseph's College create an environment that makes the institute a place where students can grow and thrive”

Its mentorship program pairs first-year students with older student mentors who support them through-out their transition into university life. St. Joseph's College Campus Ministry also hosts the University of Al-berta's Catholic Students Association, a student-run Catholic group that strives to foster a community that is supportive and active.

The people working and serving at St. Joseph's College create an environment that makes the institute a place where students
can grow and thrive. Guided by able educators, the students of St Joseph's College have the unique opportunity to develop and expand their horizons on multiple levels. The faculty of the institute ensures that each and every student receives personal care and attention so that the students can identify their fullest potential.

The students will also have the assistance and guidance from non-teaching staff’s including sessional instructors, librarians, administrators, campus ministers, advancement officers, operations workers, and many more. Aiming to offer the best for their students, St. Joseph's College is equipped with state of the art infra-structure and all the classrooms are fully furnished and digitalized so that the students can utilize the maximum from their time in the campus.

The institute has also made it mandatory that they keep abreast with the latest technological advancements and industry trends so that their teaching methodologies and curriculum keep pace and align perfectly with what the market requires. Aiming for a brighter future, St. Joseph's College is planning to enrich the lives of their students with value-based education to realize their vision ‘to develop its identity as the Catholic college in the heart of the University of Alberta, ensuring that the treasure that is the Catholic Intellectual Tradition continues to be promoted in higher education in Alberta and in Canada.’
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