Top 10 Universities and Colleges in Canada for Indian Students - 2021

While the European and American states have been the primary destination for Indian students’ abroad education, Canada has been placed in the equivalent ranks due to its encouraging opportunities such as top universities, affordable studying and living cost, living life at a high standard, easy communication, high rate of employability and of course Canada’s well-known education system all over the world. Most recent news affirms that international students (including Indians) are now eligible to receive major beneficiaries of Canada’s newly launched one-time immigration programme. With the latest inclusion of exciting education benefits for the Indian students, over 90,000 international students (including temporary essential workers) already living in Canada will be given permanent residence (PR). The number includes 40,000 international students. Amidst the pandemic of COVID-19, Indian students’ count was 220,000 (more than a third of all the foreign students currently studying in Canada) in the previous year, and they are going to gain more advantages than other international students.

One of the major factors influencing students to study in a Canadian state is its on-campus residence for international students. The Canadian universities are extremely cautious about the students’ safety and they are highly attentive towards their safety on-campus. However, there are also off-campus accommodations where students can accommodate themselves with other fellow students on sharing hostels. When all the factors are considered, education (graduate and postgraduate) in Canada costs lower than other countries and the quality of education in Business Management, Media, Engineering, Nursing, Computer Science, and Hospitality is equivalent of world-class universities in other international locations.

In order to help the Indian students who are looking for a premier higher education institute in Canada, we at Higher Education Review magazine are trying to simplify their confusion of selecting the best colleges in Canada. Higher Education Review magazine expert panel of researchers has looked into the situation and articulated a list under the name ‘Top 10 Universities and Colleges in Canada for Indian Students - 2021’ which is based on the institutes’ qualities, expertise, ranks, facilities and much more. Reviewed and scrutinized by the intellectual individuals of this specific field, the educational institutes mentioned in this list deliver exceptional education along with outstanding infrastructure, top-notch mentoring facilities, and placement opportunities. We hope that this above-mentioned list will help the interested Indian students to choose the best colleges in Canada.

Top 10 Universities and Colleges in Canada for Indian Students - 2021




Centennial College Toronto It is exclusively focused in providing highly student, employee and visitor friendly environment along with courses in Advertising, Animation, Architecture, Business Management and more
George Brown College Toronto Reputed for providing exact pieces of equipment to students for equivalent skill acquisition to work in the corporate and non-corporate sec-tors with hands-on experience learning and skills and knowledge for pursuing any respective career field
Humber College Toronto It is committed for providing excellent teaching and learning environment for students in Business, Hospitality, Liberal Arts, Media Studies, Information Technology, Social & Community Services and different other courses
LaSalle College Vancouver Vancouver Offering high-caliber, hands-on training from expert educators in a state-of-the-art learning center in a convenient location
LaSalle College Montréal LaSalle College Montréal is a postsecondary education establishment whose mission is to offer a superior education in keeping with labourmarket needs, self-actualization and globalization
Ryerson University Toronto Offers 60 undergraduate programs and foundation programs for international students, ESL foundation program, zone learning, and continuing education programs
St. Joseph’s College Edmonton Famous for global higher education delivery with primary aim for em-powering students and the is affiliated to the globally renowned University of Alberta
Trinity Western University British Columbia Largest Canadian independent Christian liberal arts institute which provides a plethora of learning experience in degree and non-degree courses, and has satellite campuses and various schools and institutes
University of Ottawa Ottawa A bilingual university in either or both English and French offering courses in Undergraduate programs, Graduate programs and professional programs with major attraction being health, science, social sciences and the humanities
University of Winnipeg Winnipeg Delivers a plethora of programs in Undergraduate Degree, Pre-Professional, Applied & Joint Programs with Red River College, and English Language Program