Trinity Western University: A Powerhouse Of Quality Education That Inspires Both Hearts And Minds


Over the past couple of decades, higher education has been shifting from lecture-dominated models to integrated learning that combines theory with interactive classrooms, practical case studies, and interdisciplinary learning. This transformation is a response to a changing career marketplace seeking graduates who are extremely informed, possess specialized knowledge, can adapt and internalize organizational culture quickly, and have the soft skills to collaborate on the job.

Rather than catching up with the times, Trinity Western University (TWU) in Langley, B.C., Canada, has been at the forefront of this evolving post-secondary landscape for more than half a century. Started as Trinity Junior College in 1962, the university’s vision was to transform liberal arts and science education in Canada. Fast forward to 2020, Trinity Western University leads the way of Christian liberal arts education in Canada and has become a global leader in connecting the world through post-secondary education.

Leading the Educational Frontier
Trinity Western University offers 48 undergraduate and 19 graduate programs, currently has 4,400 students enrolled and has a global network of nearly 40,000 alumni. Ranging from kinesiology to game development, each program is designed to prepare graduates to excel in their chosen career paths, to serve as compassionate citizens who help their communities thrive, and to innovative as leaders shaping a promising future.

The classroom sizes are intentionally smaller, and the professors provide an interactive, supportive, and inspiring learning environment. Students receive one-on-one mentorship from faculty who are lead researchers in their academic communities, some professors even holding prestigious Canada Research Chair titles. TWU has three Canada Research Chairs: Canada Research Chair in Person-Centred Outcomes; Canada
Research Chair in Religious Identities of Ancient Judaism; and Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Adaptation to Exercise.

All courses are specially designed and developed in light of changing industry requirements. The extra care and attention offered by faculty and mentors helps students become successful both in the personal and professional front.

Connecting the Head, Heart, Hands, and Feet
At TWU, students enter the real world through education, not after graduation. Every program provides unique opportunities to engage with corporations, non-profit organizations, and government bodies through internships, practicums, and community involvement.

“TWU’s placement record has been on the rise year after year, as various Tier-1 companies come to the university looking to hire fresh graduates”

The Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, for example, is TWU’s live-in extension program that offers third and fourth-year students practicum experience and elite internships in Canadian politics and NGOs—offered by no other program in Canada. Other programs at TWU incorporate travel studies that facilitate cross-cultural learning and allow students to join the global conversation in their discipline.

The institution’s strong alumni network is involved by mentoring the next generation, and each department hosts special fairs where current students learn from successful alumni in the field.

The Professional Development Office helps students navigate career options and placement opportunities. TWU’s placement record has been on the rise year after year, as various Tier-1 companies come to the university looking to hire fresh graduates.

Caring Campus Culture
Excelling outside of the institution begins with an enriching, inclusive, and supportive campus experience. A variety of services, including professional counseling, are available right on campus; and
students have access to resources and spaces to help them flourish.

The campus’s location also makes it easy to pursue hobbies, make lasting friends, find healthy ways to recharge, and appreciate cultural diversity. Situated on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia near mountains and the ocean-yet only 45 minutes from the urban hub of downtown Vancouver-TWU is positioned for all types of adventure.

Trinity Western University believes in giving back to the community and cherishes its partnership with the local township to achieve common goals. Students are encouraged to seek ways to bless others and extend the caring culture of the campus to the community.

A Whole Person, a Whole Community
Extracurricular activities, from arts to sports, are an important aspect of holistic development. Trinity Western University has a high-ranking athletic department for the elite student-athlete but also offers plenty of fun recreation programs to help all students prioritize physical fitness. Every year the university conducts sports camps in basketball, soccer, rugby, and hockey, as well as various adventure camps. So, whether a student plays volleyball for the TWU Spartans in the national U SPORTS league or needs excellent fitness programs at a state-of-the-art facility, the university offers something for everyone and maintains a high degree of excellence across all programs.

TWU values creativity just as much as the competition. Its School of Arts, Media + Culture (SAMC) is a veritable community of professional artists, designers, scholars, and students. It goes far beyond granting excellent degrees in the arts: SAMC hosts entertaining and thought-provoking productions to enrich the whole university and engage the surrounding community.

By cultivating their characters and potential, students learn to better connect with their peers, families, the wider community, and the world. By helping students embrace who they are and who they want to become, Trinity Western University shapes leaders who will face the world with skills to create a brighter future.
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