Stevens Institute of Technology: Inspiring, Nurturing And Educating Leaders Of Tomorrow To Help Them Thrive In This Modern World

By Dr. Constantin Chassapis, Senior Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Dr. Constantin Chassapis,Senior Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Dr. Constantin Chassapis

Senior Vice Provost for Graduate Education

With global higher education increasingly being a trend amongst the younger generation, it is essential that the quality and standards of education are kept intact. One such institute striving to meet the requirements of quality education in New Jersey is USA based Stevens Institute of Technology. The institute is named after the Stevens family who is known as `America's First Family of Inventors'. The Stevens family changed the face of American engineering forever, designing steamboats, locomotives, railroad tracks and a host of other technical innovations that powered a new nation. When inventor Edwin A. Stevens died in 1868, his last will and testament paved way for the establishment of a university that would bear his family's name. Two years later, in 1870, Stevens Institute of Technology opened, offering a rigorous engineering curriculum leading to the degree of Mechanical Engineer. Stevens grew by leaps and bounds, evolving from a relatively small four-year undergraduate college of engineering into a leading global technical institution with particular strengths in key fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Cybersecurity, Biomedical Engineering, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Complex Systems & Networks, Data Science & Information Systems, Financial Systems & Technologies, and Resilience & Sustainability. Owing to their unrivalled teaching expertise and rich culture, the institute continues to grow, expanding enrollment, facilities and research programs.

Inspiring the Next GenerationStevens' mission is to inspire, nurture and educate leaders in tomorrow's technology-centric environment while contributing to the solution of the most challenging problems of our time. "We offer a distinctive educational experience to our students, driving our research and scholarship, leading us to devise novel teaching and learning methods and enhancing our administrative outreach and communication activities. Our heritage is built on technology, and that will continue to differentiate us in the future.
Stevens offers more than 40 master's degree programs and 20 Ph.D. programs in the fields of business, computer science, engineering, science, and arts and humanities. This course list includes various specializations in MBA, various conventional and contemporary strata of engineering, and a range of other courses that equip students with the needed skills required to thrive in this modern world", speaks Dr. Constantin Chassapis, Senior Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Stevens Institute of Technology.

"Stevens' mission is to inspire, nurture and educate leaders in tomorrow's technology-centric environment while contributing to the solution of the most challenging problems of our time"

Adding about the uniqueness of the institute, Dr. Chassapis says, "There are a number of things that set Stevens apart from other institutions around the world but the four most notable things are our student-centric approach to learning, the way we infuse innovation and technology into each and every academic discipline, our stellar career outcomes, including internship opportunities, CPT and OPT rates, post-graduation employment rates and starting salaries, and the close-knit community that we have on our beautiful campus and in our home city of Hoboken which is just 12 minutes from New York City." The institute also offers various merit-based scholarships to all graduate students, including international graduate students from India. The students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships when they apply to Stevens.

Offering First-Rate Guidance
Stevens has a superb ratio of 12 students to every 1 faculty member which enables the faculties to provide students with individualized attention within and beyond the classroom. The faculty advises students which courses and degree programs will best meet their learning interests and career goals and helps in connecting students with internship and job opportunities, and assist students in building their professional networks for after graduation. "At Stevens, we have a large number of international students and have comprehensive programs, services, and resources to support this population including airport pickup and temporary housing services, programs that introduce international students to American classroom culture,
and a number of culturally-based student associations, including the Indian Graduate Student Association which has hundreds of members. While we have Indian students enrolled in virtually every Master's degree program that we offer, the most popular programs among Indian graduate students are Computer Science, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Information Systems, and Engineering Management" includes, Dr. Chassapis. Once students arrive, Stevens' students will greet you at the airport and escort you to the local hotel in which they provide temporary housing to our students. During Orientation, you will meet fellow students, staff, and faculty and learn about the many offices on campus that are available to support you during your studies. During your first semester, you will be matched with a peer mentor who will help facilitate the transition to graduate life at Stevens.

Stevens offers a number of career development programs for graduate students, including sessions on networking, identifying internships and full-time positions, preparing a professional resume, writing cover letters and e-correspondence, interviewing types and techniques, professionalism and ethical standards, elevator pitches, and how to use the on-campus job board handshake. The institute has come a long way since its inception and in 1982, the institute became the first major U.S. educational institution to require students to purchase and use personal computers in the classroom. The expert care and personal attention combined with their one-off teaching pedagogies have helped them produce two Nobel Prize winners and countless other innovators that are making the world a better place to live.

Dr. Constantin Chassapis, Senior Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Dr. Chassapis received his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) and Master of Engineering (M.E.) degrees from The City College of New York and his Ph.D. from the City University of New York. He joined Stevens as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1988. Throughout his 30+ year career at Stevens, Dr. Chassapis has served as Director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Deputy Dean of the School of Engineering and Science, and Vice Provost for Academics.
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