Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development

By Ramachandran Krish, Chief Strategy Officer
Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development
Ramachandran Krish,Chief Strategy Officer

Ramachandran Krish

Chief Strategy Officer

Today's fast-paced market scenario demands business analyst professionals, who are imbibed with right skills and education. Numerous opportunities await those professionals who are capable of solving business challenges smartly and take their business and their organizations to newer heights. In an effort to create such trained professionals for the industry, Chennai-based 361 Degree Minds took the onus of providing the learners with exclusive personalized and customized courses. Founded by 3 BITS Pilani alumni in 2006, 361 Degree Minds, is a research and technology-led learning and education company, serving passionately in the sphere of adult education, as well as remote and online learning.

Since its founding, the L and D company has worked with over 1500 senior and middle-level managers and with 150+ corporate companies and educational institutions across the Asia Pacific.

Ramachandran Krish, Chief Strategy Officer, 361 Degree Minds says, "In 2009 we rolled out our proprietary learning platform, IMETA, for rendering highly engaging and effective learning solutions to different stakeholders of education. Nearly 100,000 people have so far used our platform".

"From group discussions to post-class assessments and opinion polls to the facility of e-library, 361 Degree Minds strives to hand over its learners the best possible training"

Business analyst aspirants who wish to create a fruitful career are assisted by 361 Degree Minds in this journey through a 3-month Certificate Program in Business Analytics. Designed minutely by veterans in the Analytics industry, this uniquely blended program has content from Praxis, a top-ranked Analytics B-School in India. The program is hosted and delivered by 361 Degree Minds’ online platform. Successful learners are awarded a certificate by Praxis. In addition, 361 Degree Minds has handpicked a group of talented faculty members who have years of experience in pioneering several Big Data and Analytics projects globally.

"With the support of research-led futuristic pedagogy and globally benchmarked content, the teaching and learning process at 361 Degree Minds involves several hours of live

faculty session and recorded sessions along with multiple lectures from guest lecturers every month," says Ramachandran. The faculty members use industry-based case studies to transfer knowledge to the students and from time to time facilitate networking with the industry leaders. We are seeing impressive success stories of learners whose life and career got a positive transformation after undergoing the Big Data and Analytics courses in 361 Degree Minds.

The IMETA platform of 361 Degree Minds, where students can pursue the course with utmost ease using even their Smartphone, is a one-of-its-kind platform. The company is now working on enabling augmented and virtual reality-led classes. "Our placement division helps the students to reach top-notch companies by matching their profiles with suitable job roles,” according to Ramachandran. From group discussions to post-class assessments and opinion polls to the facility of e-library, 361 Degree Minds strives to hand over its learners the best possible training. The organization also offers courses in languages, commerce, Digital Marketing and so on, by tying up with top rated universities and colleges in India and abroad. It is working on creating more value-added courses, which can be launched in the coming years to meet the market demand.
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