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Ian Faria,Founder

Ian Faria


It was a shocking experience for IISc, one of the most reputed institutes in the country when its 23 graduates could not acquire any jobs even after the completion of doctorate programs. They were on verge of losing their hopes. However a lift-up of their soft skills and one-week program on communication and leadership conducted by Talk Temple changed their life. All of them acquired their desired jobs even before the program's completion. "They were very qualified on paper and were waiting for more than a year for their two `C's: Confidence and Communication," says Ian Faria, founder of Talk Temple and one of the best motivational speakers in the country.

Talk Temple is the one and only academy in the country that provides certified courses in public speaking and communications skills. They strongly believe that they can uplift anyone's confidence in a single minute with proven methodologies such as the Assessment Video and feedback.
"We believe and show people that they can change in one minute even if they do not believe us," says Faria very confidently. The programs of Talk Temple travel through four different stages:

Ian Faria says, "We believe and show people that they can change in one minute even if they do not believe us."

Attitude Enhancement - (Improvement in how we perceive and interact with our inner and outer worlds)

Behaviour Modification - ­ people observe body language and through this they assess us. Communication Skills ­ how we present our thoughts/ideas to others.

Leadership ­- moving others forward so that everyone benefits in a mutually uplifting way.

Their signature program of this institute called 'PEPTALK' is a two days high-end communication skills program that is motivating and uplifting. It covers all the key facets of communication, starting from building a rock solid foundation of enhanced confidence.

To acquire the certificate from this intense program the trainees need to show the real potential in the first two days and this will enable them to be favorably considered for the third day of training.
This is intense - a boot camp on public speaking that concludes with the exam. 50 percent marks enable the certification. 70 percent marks are required for moving to Level 2 of Pep Talk.

The major participants of these programs are from the business and corporate world who already reached a managerial position. The impact of visual media has created a huge buzz among the politicians and they are one of the categories of trainees at this institute. "It is good to see our politicians are ready to take part in such programs as they would not want to make a good impression in front of the media," says Faria.

Faria believes that people in our country have a high level of intelligence and other attributes for success. They lack self belief and motivation. "The most important missing ingredient in India is that we have low self-esteem because of which we are not able to achieve too much." By understanding the fact that soft skills are the foundation for success, Talk Temple is now in the process of merging their programs with the curriculums of various reputed schools as well as colleges in the country. They hope that by imparting such programs along with the education can make a better country.
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