Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU): Committed To Creating High Performing, Entrepreneurial Leaders In A Knowledge-Based Economy

By Dr. Shuli Xu, Vice Chancellor
Dr. Shuli Xu,Vice Chancellor

Dr. Shuli Xu

Vice Chancellor

With the rapid development of world economic integration, joint-venture international education has deepened the level of internationalization of higher education in China. The Minis-try of Education regards the establishment of a university as one of the critical projects that enlarges the scope of education while enhancing education reforms in re-turn. Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) is a reflection of province-state friendship project between the Zhejiang Province and New Jersey in the United States. A Chinese-American jointly established higher education institution, the institution is committed to preparing high-performing Chinese and international students to become innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in a knowledge-based economy.

As a leading World-Class Teaching University with a modern campus, WKU aspires to serve as an incubator for promoting technological and scientific progress in Zhejiang Province, and as a centre for fostering cultural exchange between China and the United States. WKU operates with a mission to prepare high-performing Chinese and international students to become innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in a knowledge-based economy, as well as contributing to China's educational reform and serving as a model for other Chinese-American higher education initiatives.

Differentiating Themselves from the Test
Wenzhou-Kean University offers various American and Chinese degrees to the graduates. During study at the University, international students gain American education and Chinese experience at a low cost as compared to the cost of education in the US. WKU today offers 18 undergraduate programs including Finance, Accounting (with emphasis on international standards and practices, Global Business, Marketing, Economics, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, Computer Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, English in Global Settings, and Psychology to name a few. Apart from this, the University is also going to
offer 8 Master's and three doctorate programs starting from fall 2020. Wenzhou-Kean University values liberal arts education that is imparted through the four years of vigorous curriculum and extracurricular activities provided by the University. Owing to the quality of education provided at WKU, the students have developed and demonstrated strong skills in critical thinking, mathematical analysis, written and oral presentations, leadership, and teamwork. Most of WKU graduates gain entrance to the top-ranking graduate schools, Fortune 500 companies and more.

"WKU has established more than 30 internship bases with various organizations such as government agencies, industry associations, and outstanding enterprises in various industries"

WKU's students gain balanced strength in both transferrable skills for personal/career development and professional skills for the job market. The University also provides students with a high-impact learning experience including undergraduate student research, internship and study-abroad to increase their competitiveness. "Our educational philosophy is to provide students with different ways of development. Students are allowed to change their majors in the first semester without any barriers which is different from most traditional universities in China. WKU offers smaller classes, with the number of students under 20 for the English classes and about 25 for the major courses. Also, the entire curriculum is offered in English which is fully in line with the Kean USA curriculum and original American textbooks. Also, Students at WKU gain Chinese experience with the same curricula of an American University. Meanwhile, if students want to gain American experience, they can also select the exchange program at Kean University in the US", avers, Dr. Shuli Xu, Vice Chancellor, WKU.

Offering Futuristic Education
The Faculty members of Wenzhou-Kean University are from 28 different countries or regions. In addition to a strong WKU faculty team, the University also collaborates with research institutes, industry, and government agencies to provide graduate students with more research and internship opportunities. WKU faculty guides students to think critically and learn how to solve real-world problems through a hands-on curriculum. The faculty also help students develop an interest in
the subjects and build the ability and motivation for life-long learning. Students greatly benefit from the various support offered by the WKU faculty and unique academic perspectives of faculty members developed during their diverse and extensive academic experience.

WKU has established more than 30 internship bases with various organizations such as government agencies, industry associations, and outstanding enterprises in various industries. In order to improve the comprehensive practical ability, the students take interns in different departments of relevant enterprises in summer and winter holidays or regular semesters. As a bridge between students and employers, WKU Student Career Development Center (SCDC) also organizes campus recruitment fairs every semester, as well as regular seminars, workshops, group counseling and other activities which helps to arouse students' career awareness and improve their planning skills. Besides that, the office also provides an online career development assessment service sys-tem to the students without restriction during their time at WKU. To support the students at WKU, most graduate students at the university are granted with tuition scholarships and graduate assistant ships that provide students full financial support and teaching and research experience in the university setting.

As far as the future is concerned, Wenzhou-Kean University is building a 20-million RMB research lab for supporting the research and graduate education in science. The Science and Technology Building will be built and completed by 2022. The University is also planning to continue offering class-leading education to their students to reach the epitome of first-class international higher education. For aspiring Indian students, Wenzhou-Kean University promises to offer American education and campus life along with Chinese culture and activity experiences outside the campus.

Dr. Shuli Xu, Vice Chancellor
Shuli Xu graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with the Doctor of Education degree, and he received his two Masters of Art degrees in English from the City University of New York, and Hebei Teachers University respectively. Dr. Xu served in many administrative roles in institutions of higher education of different types and sizes before joining WKU as the Vice Chancellor.
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