Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology: A Source of Prolific Learning and Development That Houses Incomparable Courses

Team GTIIT With a vision to create a mixed culture for unique learning experiences, Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) was established in 2015. Since its inception, GTIIT is trying to create an innovative education culture where teaching methodologies involve challenging examinations, questionnaires and exercises. This approach by GTIIT has helped the institute in developing students’ mental competency in powerful ways. Presently, GTIIT offers three major programs – Material Science and Engineering, Bio Technology and Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering and in the coming year, the institute is planning to include Mathematics and Computer Science degree courses into the curriculum. The curriculum has also bought a machine for conducting experiments. This machine is present only in five other institutes in the world and helps GTIIT students, faculties to conduct researches that others can’t do.

All the faculty members are experts in their respective fields. They teach the students not only to develop products but also trains them on how to market those products in an efficient manner. This helps in students’ growth. Combining customary pedagogy with product development & marketing, GTIIT has been carving out expert professionals from ordinary students. Automatically, it makes students’ resumes glittering, making eligible to get jobs anywhere across the world. And
for the employment purposes, GTIIT professors have strong networks in the industry. They recommend the best students to industry leading companies. “No high marks are given to students just for the sake of maintaining university’s reputation. We provide good grades only to the deserving students. This ensures our university standards,” says Mario Lanza, Chair Professor of GTIIT. It is the institute’s standard which has attracted many companies in its campus for recruitment.

Approx 50 years ago, China’s generation lost the chance to pursue further studies, they spent learning times in the countryside mountains, border areas of China and had blurry future. The ones who fought and overcame the struggling period made great contributions to China’s leadership today. They are talisman for uprising the learning culture at universities in China after many years. GTIIT is one of the youngest universities in this bracket to get placed in the provincial plan to ‘Achieve Excellence, Improve Weak Links and Enhance Feature’ in China’s higher education. It is a benchmark institute that supports China’s Chemistry Researches and enriched Chemical Engineering courses. GTIIT has also collaborated with the international student exchange platform of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology that gives students the opportunity to study in 26 world-class science and engineering universities in the United States, Germany, Canada and other countries to students with outstanding academic performance.

As GTIIT is witnessing success in a shorter period of time, it is on the verge of establishing multidisciplinary research centers. Already, GTIITs Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies Office (RIGS) is
focused on providing optimizing research activities performed by students and faculties. RIGS indentifies core research opportunities, funds those, manages internal research funding, actuates research proposal, submission adhering to fundamental regulations. It also facilitates strategic partnerships with industry innovators by promoting entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer. Technion itself is a prime institute in higher education with three Nobel laureates and is consistently residing at the top 50 research based global university rankings. In linear, GTIIT has recruited faculties from Technion who surge research based and innovative education models. They are the ideal craftsmen for students who want to build career in research and innovation.

"The curriculum at GTIIT is designed in such a way that students learn various topics on a regular basis which also contributes to making their thought process different"

To all the students, GTIIT offers numerous athletics and recreational activities. The campus has gymnasium, basketball court, badminton court, table tennis facility. There are clubs and organizations that construct leadership qualities of the students, building their characters by introducing cultural, social and intellectual aspects into learning. Students stay engaged in community activities, explore China’s rich culture and history which makes them committed individuals empowered with society developing qualities. “Students get good placements and fruitful learning from GTIIT. GTIIT invites students from all over the world to join and study. There is much more to learn than regular education that is offered by other institutes,” concludes Mario.
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