Whistling Woods International: Highly Committed To Ensuring That Students Are Placed Into Creative And Rewarding Areas Of Employment

By Rahul Puri, Head of Academics, Whistling Woods International
Rahul Puri,Head of Academics, Whistling Woods International

Rahul Puri

Head of Academics, Whistling Woods International

Whistling Woods International (WWI) is Asia's premier Film, Communication and Creative Arts Institute, and is known to be a trend setter in the ever-changing world of Media and Mass Communication education space. By offering students a unique hybrid of theoretical and practical, industry-oriented education, Whistling Woods International has nurtured inspired learners who are making a name for themselves in the Media and Mass Communication space, while having a positive impact on the society in general.

The institute offers an entire gamut of higher education programs under different schools including the School of Film making, Actors' Studio, School of Media and Communication, School of Event Management, School of Design, School of Fashion, School of Animation and Game Design and School of Music. Apart from this, WWI also hosts the Virtual Academy- an online platform that enables potential learners who are geographically dispersed to obtain the same world-class education that the institute has to offers through best-in-class teaching methods and faculty. In this highly competitive industry, WWI ensures that their students are well equipped with the needed skill set required to thrive in the ever-evolving world of media & entertainment.

"Our Founder & Chairman, Subhash Ghai, had this vision of starting an educational institution that will primarily be a film school. As an institute, we cater to the needs of the modern film industry and right now we have branched out to Media, Fashion, Events, Animation & Game Design and Music education. The scope and potential are very high in the Media and Mass Communication stratum and there is a plethora of career opportunities for the students. The penetration of technology
has given the students a surfeit of platforms to excel as well. So, we train the students on all these different platforms, and give an in-depth practical knowledge that enables them to be industry ready. We also ensure that they remain updated with the latest trends in the industry, and in return helps us create a holistic learning experience for them", says, Rahul Puri, Head of Academics, WWI, when asked about the inception story of WWI and how they are helping their students to start a successful professional career.

Adding more about what helps the institute to stand out from the rest of the media and mass communication institutes in the country, Rahul Puri says, "We are a creative institute that surrounds our students with the perfect learning environment that helps them to gain an edge over others in the job market. The exposure to different kinds of media and to work under a plethora of media professionals allow the students to gain valuable practical experience as well.

“Whistling Woods International has evolved into more than just a reputable film school as a result of its vision and determination”

We have essentially created a microcosm of the whole entertainment industry within our campus to ensure that the students' learning is collaborative and industry- oriented. Our students get hands-on training here and they are trained on a gamut of fields including radio, advertising, shoots, editing, sound and to an extent learn about animation as well as AR and VR. We also equip our students with the necessary soft skills, which are crucial to collaborate with other artists as well as professionals in the industry. This also helps them to work well within a team, which is key to achieving success in the industry."

Growing Stronger Every Day
The uniqueness of the institute's curriculum is in the way the teaching is conducted and the students have regular one-on-one interactions with some of the most renowned industry professionals from the films, media, and creative arts industry. This ensures that the students gain invaluable insights from their learnings, experiences, and
professional journey. Students at WWI also take up internships and live projects, which is also crucial to getting them prepared for the industry.

Apart from all this, the institute also has loads of co-curricular activities, seminars, workshops and other on-campus events, which are all run by the students. The full-time faculties of WWI are a homogenous body of academicians and renowned industry professionals, and play a crucial role in ensuring that the students reach their true potential.

Since most of the faculties are connected with the industry, they are also able to train the students on the latest industry trends. Regular faculty development programs are conducted by Whistling Woods International to ensure that they are adapting the best practices and are able to offer top-notch education consistently to the students.

Whistling Woods International also has its own placement cell and the objective of the cell is to take care of the internship of the students and at the end of their course, ensure that they get absorbed into the industry. The cell also helps the alumni of the institute when they are looking for new opportunities or job change. WWI has recently launched a Maters program in Costume Design, and is looking at introducing more programs in newer areas of film, media and creative arts education. WWI is also looking at launching soon a new course in virtual reality and virtual production, which will be the first-of-its-kind in India. With all this, WWI aims to be a trend setter in the Indian higher education stratum.

Rahul Puri, Head of Academics, Whistling Woods International
Rahul Puri is the Managing Director of India's leading entertainment company Mukta Arts Ltd. & Head of Academics of India's finest film, communication and creative arts institute, Whistling Woods International. A business graduate from Kings College London, he started his career as an investment banker at UBS Warburg. He moved to Mumbai in 2002 and worked in the sector of Corporate Finance & Strategy before he joined Mukta Arts Ltd. to produce and distribute Indian films.
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