Ajay Gurjar,Deputy COO & Head of Business Operations

Ajay Gurjar

Deputy COO & Head of Business Operations

Robotics and computers have become increasingly prevalent in students' lives and understanding programming and its concepts are very important for students' success. Robots are a fun, easy, and effective way to learn about computer programming in middle schools, whereas in higher education it deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. Teaching robotics strengthens and supports students' skills by developing their knowledge through the creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots. Various institutes and colleges in India conduct basic training and workshops on robotics for the students. YASKAWA India, a subsidiary of Yaskawa Electric Corporation ­ Japan, has been continuously training both professionals from the industry as well as engineering students. Set up in 1915 YASKAWA started its journey in India with the business of PLC in 1980 and AC drives in 1990 and steadily expanded its Robotics Applications presence since 2005, accommodating growing customer needs and providing training on Industrial Robots and associated accessories. Today, its operations span the length and breadth of the country, and India remains a central hub for our future goals, which is headed by a dynamic team.

Focused on knowledge sharing and skill development, YASKAWA is successfully supporting India's most esteemed institutes with the installation of Robotic Training Centers and is in the process to continue the same. "We are determined to empower students from the Mechanical Engineering
and Process Engineering facilities to carry out studies on-site and test what they have learned in practice making them ready for their later professional life. The Centre of Excellence established by various engineering institutions with Yaskawa provides simulation training with state-of-the-art simulation software. With this software, one can design, develop and simulate robotic operations for different industrial applications. The center also provides internationally recognized certification for its Basic, Advanced and Expert level training programs in this emerging technological area. In addition to this, the center offers expert level training in various state-of-the-art robotic applications," says Ajay Gurjar, Deputy COO & Head of Business Operation, YASKAWA India (Robotic Division).

"YASKAWA desires to train engineering students of all disciplines to meet the Industry expectations and foster research in the field of applied robotics

YASKAWA India has robust capabilities to strengthen the market reach with diverse nature of marketing activities and also to develop skills in workforce and future generation. Believing that skill and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development in India, YASKAWA started establishing the center of excellence of robotic and automation in engineering institutions. The organization tied up with AGIIT ­ Coimbatore (Axis Global Institute of Industrial Training) for this initiative. AGIIT, their exclusive partner in the education segment provides Advanced Training in Industrial Automation & Robotics, PLC, SCADA, DCS, VFD, and Servo. Their services to Educational Institutions include Industry based advanced training, institutional & industrial lab requirements, the center of excellence, conducting workshops, Industrial Seminars, guest lectures, staff training, industrial visit, and placement assistance. Till date, AGIIT has trained over 20,000 students from across the globe and created over 12,000 job opportunities in the automation industry. Major Engineering colleges in India with whom AGIIT has
collaborated for Centre of Excellence are Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Dhanalakshmi Engineering Collage, Sona Engineering Collage, PMC Tech Engineering Collage, Hindustan University, Thiyagaraja Engineering College and many more.

YASKAWA desires to train engineering students of all disciplines to meet the Industry expectations and foster research in the field of applied robotics. Detailed training is given to lecturers and students directly on site while setting up Robotic Training Centers at their institution. "The trainers at YASKAWA give trainees an in-depth exposure to fundamentals and hands-on-experience with the operation and programming of an industrial robot. Also, an overview of the variety of existing applications of robots suitable for an automated manufacturing environment and of general procedures for service, maintenance, and troubleshooting is given," adds Ajay.

En Route to Transformation
Today the exposure given to the students at the advanced robotic facilities of YASKAWA along with in-depth technical proficiency, expert level training programs and training on simulation software makes studying easier than the traditional teaching methods. This will, in turn, open up opportunities for students to shape up their career in manufacturing and robotics field. This year YASKAWA also supplied Industrial Robots to various Industrial Training Institutions (ITI) including ITI-Gurgaon, ITI- Manesar, ITI-Delhi, ITI-Pune, ITI-Chandigarh, IIT - Madras and Little Flower Engineering Institute - Kerala. The organization also spends considerable time in community care initiatives such as afforestation; education and instituting waste recycle management programmes.

Ajay Gurjar, Deputy COO & Head of Business Operations
Ajay Gurjar is the Deputy COO & Head of Business Operations, of Yaskawa India (Robotic Division). Having more than 11 years of experience in the field of Robotics.
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