Sam S Sivan,Managing Director

Sam S Sivan

Managing Director

According to Make in India, with more than 4,750 start-ups, India has the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world, where Indian entrepreneurs are going beyond app-based businesses and are creating innovative products using Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics. In this hyper recession market, where many graduate students are striving to get a decent job and settle down in their life, knowledge, and expertise in robotics as a skill is enhancing job opportunities for the younger generation. Contributing its share towards better job opportunities in India is Techosa Robotics ­ a robotics training institute playing a key role in guiding the students by bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation.

For better implementation of the services, Techosa Robotics has set high-grade Robotics labs in CBSE schools. Within a year, the institute has covered about 15+ schools in Kerala and has plans on collaborating with more schools. In schools, Techosa Robotics concentrates to ignite curiosity among growing children to travel towards the unseen paths of science. Unlike other training institutes that train students the building blocks of robots, Techosa Robotics has a kit based training program in which students get the know-how of purely electronic and electrical components. This is the gateway to the world of technology for students at Techosa Robotics. The institute has incepted robotic lab within campuses to increase scientific knowledge of students. "We never compromise in the
quality of our services and that's the only reason why several schools and parents have accepted us whole heartedly. We always monitor the services that we provide and take regular feedbacks from the students, parents and the school authorities to find the areas to improve. Besides all this, we as a team always analyze our services from the eye of a third party to become the best," explains Sam S Sivan, Managing Director, Techosa. The institute is empowering students to explore a new world full of core future advancements by providing certification courses on Advanced Robotics, PLC, SCADA, Electrical AutoCAD, and IoT. The courses are conducted by professional trainers at the institute for a period of 3 - 6 months. "After my graduation, I have seen lot of my friends running around in search of jobs. Only a few were found settled in the core field from which they have graduated. The new generation is following a trend of studying something and getting placed in entirely different field. This is only because of the lack of knowledge in linking the gap between what they have studied and the application levels. If the trend is followed, it would ruin the future of our young generation. To create a change in the current scenario, we came up with Techosa - Implanting the triggers of future technology within the schooling. We want the kids to rule the technology and not the technology to control them," says Sam.

Techosa Robotics fully concentrates on the benefit of students rather than making profits from them. "We have a large team of 38+ staffs who are well qualified, dedicated and technically skilled graduates. They always strive to take the company name to glorious heights. All of our staffs give their best to show the right path to the young buds. Their friendly approach to students has proved to be best in bringing up great success among students," pinpoints Sam. Every year Techosa Robotics caters internship opportunities, workshops and placement guidance to college students. Sam asserts, "We have
always ensured that the students who approach us for several internship courses get employed to decent jobs. We also give them the opportunity to work with us and explore the new world of robotics." Techosa Robotics provides both in-house trainings at the institution campus and in college campuses as per the requests.

"Techosa Robotics concentrates to ignite curiosity among growing children to travel towards the unseen paths of science"

To make students realize the talents they possess, learning at Techosa Robotics is filled with fun and not pressure. Similar to STEM Center USA, Techosa Robotics also fosters STEM education in Kerala through which students get an exposure to following better ways of learning. Over that, the institute supports students' scientific ideas to carry out live projects on robotics and molds students in every aspect of life other than regular robotics curriculum. "Our students have taken part in different regional and state level competitions and won several recognitions from different zones of Kerala. Once, the students emerged as the finalists in a state-level science fair conducted by a famous new paper edition in Kerala - Malayala Manorama," says Sam.

The future of Techosa is mapped for good, where Sam wants to cover almost every CBSE school in Kerala. By 2020, the company will provide custom made STEM based Robotics Kits to CBSE schools all over India. On top of that, he wants to strengthen the R&D department to make different domains of Robotics flourish. "TECHOSA INSPIRED INNOVATIONS is teamwork. We always appreciate youths to come up with new and creative ideas for innovation and we believe this the reason for which in the coming days, our institute will be known as the best one that ensures quality STEM education," concludes Sam.
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