Top 10 Promising Robotics Training Institutes In India - 2019

In 2017, the name `Sophia' had made international headline. Every media platform wanted to feature her and bring in light to the common people about the worlds' first humanoid robot who received citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Yes, gradually the robots are getting status like human beings. Eminent researchers, in fact, assume that robots are going to take up numerous jobs that are now being done physically by the working class. In a nutshell, it can be asserted that Robotic is here to stay and is going to impact every industry and sector largely. The global robotics industry is growing rapidly and the trend towards its adoption is increasing in India as well. In fact, the global educational robots market is expected to be worth USD 6.05 bn by 2020, boosted by significant VC investments and the expansion of several robotics start-ups in an already competitive space. Recently India also witnessed a burgeoning interest among the stakeholders of education for robotics education. The scenario is even such that students are learning robotics right from the school level. Through robotics, children get an entry into a whole new world where they get an opportunity to learn and hone new skills like problem-solving, logic building, critical thinking, and programming. Apparently as per studies robotics will play a major role in the future so it is becoming more imperative to prepare the present generation of students for this transition. The job market at present is hugely dominated by ones in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). This trend will in all probability get stronger in the future with most of the available jobs requiring STEM knowledge. This is letting educational institutions focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education and use optimum technology and hands-on learning in primary, middle and higher education. There are also arrays of training centers which have initiated to offer long-term and short-term courses in Robotics STEM education area. Contemplating that instilling STEM knowledge among the youth will let them stay ahead of the curve; many of the students are getting enrolled in such fruitful training. To bring into notice of the students who aspire to obtain a quality and worthy Robotics STEM training, we at the Higher Education Review have compiled a list as "Top 10 Promising Robotics Training Institutes In India - 2019" which comprises the handful of best training centers of the country. Our expert panel, researchers and academicians have selected each institute after explicit analysis and research holding the hope of helping the students in the process of choosing the appropriate institute.

Top 10 Promising Robotics Training Institutes In India - 2019




Kidtronics Kolkata, West Bengal Kidotronics is an in-school and after-school technology program for students in grades 1-12, of all school boards.
Lydnow Robotics Pune, Maharashtra Pune based robotics edutech company imparting holistic robotics education to the young minds, and imbibing them with creativity and ability to nurture robotics technology.
On My Own Technology Pune, Maharashtra A robotics institution developing robotics skills of students holistically.
RoboFun Lab Mumbai, Maharashtra A premium robotics institute that nurtures robotics skills of students and makes them innovators.
RoboGenius Academy Gurugram, Haryana RoboGenius provides complete Robotics solution for school children of all age group and helps children to understand the concepts of the core subjects such as Science and Mathematics.
Skyy Rider Institutions Khurdha, Odisha SRI has been leading in providing advanced training in the field of Automobile in complete industrial pattern and helping many students starting their career in core fields.
Technic Education Hyderabad, Telangana Technic education uses highly creative and specialized techniques to cement fundamentals of simple mechanics, pneumatic as well as alternative energy sources.
Techosa Robotics Kollam, Kerala Techosa is a robotics institution that nurtures the technological talents of students.
TIX Robotics Hyderabad, Telangana Founded by an Academician with extensive experience in education & technology, TIX Robotics conducts customized capsule programs for schools and colleges coupled with preparing them for National and International level competitions.
Yaskawa India Bangalore, Karnataka Yaskawa addresses innovation primarily through two distinct product and service categories: Drives & Motion Control and Robotics Automation.