Institute of Business Studies and Research: Enriching the Learning Experience via Industry Experienced Faculty

By Dr. M.L. Monga, Executive Director | 2018-09-26 09:05:49
Dr. M.L. Monga,Executive Director

Dr. M.L. Monga

Executive Director

Lee Lacocca, an ex-CEO of Chrysler says, "Management is nothing more than motivating other people." This statement highlights the true essence that management stands for. While the managers motivate and guide the employees in a company, the faculty at the management institutes must do the same for the students. Institute of Business Studies and Research (IBSAR) understands the kernel and delivers quality services through their vastly industry-experienced faculty members stationed at the institution. "Our institute possesses industry experienced faculty members with over 18 years of work experience," says Dr. M.L. Monga, Executive Director of IBSAR,
"this is the direct link that we have between the academia and industry being delivered right from the initial stages of knowledge transfer."

With the vast years of work experience in the institution's faculty, students are able to learn from their professional experience which is a rich source of knowledge for the students. "In the industry, managers and senior executives are often required to think out of the box while providing solutions to various problems. In a similar manner, the faculty members at our institute guide and motivate the students to do the same," says Dr. Monga. In order to encourage out of the box thinking, Dr. Monga, who also teaches subjects such as Strategy, Business policy and Organizational Behavior, often provides a problem which cannot be solved using the normal methods. To solve the problem, students are required to talk to professionals and senior executives in the industry, conduct research and present the solution to him in two to three pages.
Constantly upgrading knowledge and skills is Crucial
Despite possessing years of industry experience, the faculty members at IBSAR often conducts its own Faculty Development Programs and also encourages the faculty of ISBAR to attend Faculty Development Programs organized by institutes such as IITs, and IIMs. "By attending the FDP sessions, our faculty members understand the latest trends in the market and accordingly organize workshops, seminars and special courses for students which the institute promotes wholeheartedly," says Dr. Monga. Digital Marketing, Retail and a few others are the special courses that the faculty teach the students in order to ensure that they are able to face the industry from day one. Noticing the growth of students at IBSAR, companies such as L'Oreal, Yes Bank, Standard Chartered, Hindustan Unilever, and State Bank of India amongst many others are anxious to visit the campus for recruitment every year. IBSAR intends to increase its research output and consistently provide employable professionals to the industry.