KV Institute Of Management & Information Studies: A Pioneering Champion Of Quality Management Education

By Dr. C. Kumar, Managing Director | 2022-08-04 09:01:45
Dr. C. Kumar,Managing Director

Dr. C. Kumar

Managing Director

A professional degree like MBA marks the ultimate end of a student’s transition from the world of education to professional life. One having good scores in an MBA degree is sure to get placed in a good company with a good pay scale, which is the efficiency and the importance of the degree. But recently with every other college offering an MBA degree, the importance of the course is not only degrading, it is also creating a weak base for the students to succeed in this evolution. KV Institute of Management and Information Studies (KVIM) was established in 2008, with a mission to inculcate values of integrity, accountability, and fairness so that students are trained to promote and maintain high ethical standards in management.

KV Institute of Management and Information Studies (KVIM) is a Stand- Alone Business School (B SCHOOL) formed and run by a 19 year-old trust KV Charitable Trust that is known for its commitment to quality education. KVIM has been approved by AICTE and affiliated with Anna University from the year 2009. Envisioned to be acknowledged as an exclusive institution for management education and research for all stakeholders, KVIM offers its students with adequate international exposure and industry orientation which makes it one of the best destinations for MBA education across India.

Moulding Students Into Leaders Of Tomorrow
Strongly believing that the foundation of value creation lies in the path of continuous learning, KVIM recognizes the fact that its students would be the catalyst of change for the betterment of the future and hence takes great responsibility for shaping them into leaders of tomorrow inducing lateral thinking among students. KVIM understands and gives students
full freedom to decide upon their academic gradient based on their personal profiles, ambitions as well as their appetite for a challenge.

The institute thus provides the students with an environment conducive to enhancing their learning experience. “We only accept 120 students because, we think and believe that, with a bigger volume of students, the quality of education and individual attention will be affected. With 160+ MoU partners, we have been able to provide our students with a bigger and better industry exposure that aids in their career-building process.

Apart from that, research, and innovation are exclusively prioritized across our curriculum and students who are eager to pursue their interest in research are provided with necessary assistance. Incorporating entrepreneurial mindset amongst the students through its unique curriculum, KVIM enables its students to create their own identity in the outer world” shares, Dr. C. Kumar Managing Director, KV Institute of Management and Information Studies (KVIM).

KVIM enables extraordinary connections with industry and alumni, thus ensuring students are exposed to the best of live projects as a part of their learning experience. Professors from KVIM bring in a great deal of international exposure adopting international teaching methods to fast forward knowledge development in areas of business and management across all domains. Since the industry is transforming and adopting some new-fangled ways, KVIM tries to remain aligned with the research articles coming up on the newer management theories and methodologies.

“From the second semester onwards, the students of KVIM are encouraged to undertake projects lined up by our MoU partners, enabling them to get exposed to the nuances of the practical world. Even during the pandemic, 70 percent of our students have done projects with our MoU partners. This robust system not only gives an
innovative outlook to our curriculum by taking care of its various aspects such as theory, delivery, and particle exposure but also gives us a unique identity across the arena of MBA education. A couple of years ago, when online learning was gearing up to make its presence known across the industry, we had our resources trained by Cambridge University. We regularly conduct FDPs to up skill our faculties with industry-specific trends that can be imparted to the students”, avers Dr. Kumar.

KVIM is seen as a pioneering champion of quality management education for many years and is managed by experienced Individuals from within India and from The United States of America. The placement preparatory process has proven to be successful in giving 100 percent placements to MBA seekers. Henceforth, KVIM has progressed to be ranked as one of the top 10 B-schools in South India providing excellent academic delivery and infrastructure to its students. KVIM is one of the very few business schools in Tamil Nadu that has a consistent inflow of students filling all seats since Inception reflecting on the 360 percent exposure based education since inception.

"KVIM offers Its students With adequate International Exposure and industry Orientation which Makes it one of the Best destinations for MBA education across India"

Over the years, KVIM has developed processes and systems that will ensure the best Industry exposure and placements for MBA seekers. “In the future, we want to bridge the present industry-academia gap across the MBA sector by adopting and implementing innovative teaching-learning methodologies. We want to provide our students with practical knowledge, industry-specific skills, and adequate exposure, that will not only boost their confidence but will also encourage them to represent themselves positively in the pragmatic world. For the next two years, our primary focus will be to build up skill oriented and industry-specific programs that will help our students with their career-building process”.