Institute Of Institute Of Business Studies & Research: Aspiring To Be A Change-Bringer In The Indian Management Education Space

By Dr M.L Monga, Executive Director | 2022-08-04 08:59:59
Dr M.L Monga,Executive Director

Dr M.L Monga

Executive Director

The management education system is confounded in India with the main pain point being total mismatch in supply and demand. The fact of the matter is that India can’t accommodate the sheer number of MBA graduates that is passing out each year. This leads to massive unemployment which in turn impacts not just those graduates but the country as a whole. It is high time that management institutes take a stand on this and acknowledge the fact that churning out more and more students each year will not solve the issues faced by management education and management graduates in this country.

With that said, Institute of Business Studies & Research (IBSAR) is one pioneering multi-disciplinary business school that prioritizes actionable business programs. The institute ensures that their education is at all times relevant in an ever evolving corporate world. They deliver well trained business leaders and managers who are able to influence across organizational boundaries. IBSAR acknowledges the importance of research in management education and they continuously invest in research activities and recruitment of academic leaders in fields such as Strategy, OB, Finance, Marketing, Retail, Operations, General Management and IT.

The Journey To Be A Visionary
IBSAR offers its students an outstanding learning environment by facilitating the best learning experience possible. At the institute, the students learning experience will be influenced by the most recent developments in the field and delivered by experienced teachers, researchers, top management professionals and consultants. And all this allow their students to stay aligned with the dynamic and rapidly changing corporate realm. IBSAR has been promoted by people who have been educated in IVY league
schools and colleges. One of the promoters was a professor of management from XLRI. At the time of establishment of the institute, all of the promoters knew that management education was very restricted and there were only very few top-notch colleges in the country. This led to the establishment of IBSAR and their vision was an institute that focuses on training world class managers and professionals for the global market. The institute wants to nurture manpower that is exposed to global standards as well as global conduct and behavior. Owing to this, many of their students have been able to make a name for themselves in their respective careers both in India and abroad.

In the last 10 years, the institute has never admitted more than 50 or 60 students in the MBA program and this restricted number has been a huge factor for both the institute’s as well as their student’s success. Every year, IBSAR has university toppers and they have been able to offer their students 100 percent placements at top business organizations consistently. The institute also offer three to four months of paid internship to their students every year which equips them with valuable practical knowledge. The rigorous education offered by the institute results in normally each student getting multiple job opportunities by the time they graduate. And all this just goes off to show IBSAR’s commitment to nurture inspired learners as well as their focus on offering job-centric education to their students.

Thriving On Research And Holistic Development
Adding more about the pre-placement training and research activities at IBSAR, Dr M.L Monga, Executive Director, IBSAR says “We have a program for developing employability skills and that include business communication, group discussion, presentation, participation in seminars, workshops, creating blogs, interacting with industry experts, and interviewing senior managers. We also conduct regular industry visits and encourage students to go abroad to get international exposure. To make our students industry ready, we make sure that our
faculty have prior industry experience so that they are well connected with the industry and they are able to equip the students with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern world. Research is one of our fortes and we have expert faculty with international experience who lead our research activities. Some of these faculties have published books and research papers in various journals as well. We have also been awarded on different occasions for our research by national and international bodies. Apart from BBA, MBA, BCOM and MCOM, we have a PhD program and our faculty have guided many pioneering business professionals and academicians during their PhD research.

The institute has MOUs with Malaysian University MAHSA and a study abroad office in Canada that helps students who aspire to study in top American and Canadian universities. Apart from all this, IBSAR also has an agreement with European International University Paris as well.

"Evolving with the changing Times, the institute aspires To continue nurturing topnotch Managers and business Professionals who are going To shine at the global level"

Evolving with the changing times, the institute aspires to continue nurturing top-notch managers and business professionals who are going to shine at the global level. IBSAR has a unique initiative called CAGE which stands for Cross-cultural learning, Aspirations of the society, Governance standards, and Environment. And IBSAR stives to ensure that this is a crucial part of their curriculum so that their students can be successful regardless of the job position or industry they end up in. IBSAR has also been ranked amongst top 100 colleges in the country consistently and for the future, they are aiming to continue improving and growing at a constant pace.

Dr M.L Monga, Executive Director
This pioneering educator aspires to create an inclusive learning environment where the students could hone their skills and strive for their holistic development.