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Raman Batra

He is the Director of Career Management Cell (CMC), Pyramid Finishing School (PFS) and NIET Business School. Under his leadership, the institute extended their placement activities to Middle East and African countries by setting up an office at Dubai. He was awarded with visionary Award 2015 from Aspiring Minds for year 2015.

It is a common assumption today amongst people that anyone with an MBA or B.Tech degree sails through life smoothly. Statistics reveal that an individual requires 40 percent technical skills and 60 percent Social Etiquette, Business & Dining Etiquette, Communication and Networking Skills to make advancement in career or personal life. The art of carrying oneself differentiates individuals from a resume of skill sets. "Understanding the necessity of etiquette in business professionals, Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET) offers its innovative MBA program through which students undergo a transformation from pupil to professional that has gained the institute a steep placement rate of 120 percent," says Raman Batra, Director CMC, PFS and NBS. Known for being the Best Placement College in Delhi NCR and one among the premier Engineering and Management institutes of India�s National Capital Region (NCR); NIET was established by eminent visionaries, responsible for setting up City Educational & Social Welfare Society of Meerut, with a Vision to provide value driven education of global dimensions.

"Post-graduate students cannot be simply carved out as real professionals in the corporate world. Imparting conceptual understanding and bookish knowledge have become primitive methods," says Batra. The institute in provision to provide the best workforce to the industry
offers its MBA program where students are encouraged to inculcate real time knowledge through goal setting exercises, group discussions, mock interviews and presentations. All students are taught essential business skills through industry interaction as well as innovative channels like Marketing and Finance clubs. The institute believes that this training will make them stand in a position, where they will learn about the technicalities of transition from employee to employer.

In this endeavor, the faculty of NIET has a relentless approach in helping its students achieve their aspirations of working in conglomerates and surviving regardless of the industry's rapid changes. Imbibing on a curriculum that has come of age through years of reinvention due to globalization, and a worldwide shift of explosion of information technology that has become a major driver for employment; the institute's new concept of adapting to the latest andragogy of teaching helps define its uniqueness. Equipped in its arsenal is a faculty pool where 30 percent are PhD holders and more than 50 percent faculties are with industry experience, NIET strives to provide rightful insights and ideas to students in classrooms and beyond that depict the staff's dedication in being phenomenally committed to the cause of creating future entrepreneurial managers with a difference.

The right industry insight given to students to help them become future leaders holds a mandatory criterion in academia today. NIET focuses on bridging the industry-academia gap by bringing them closer to each other. For the same, it has made tie-ups with industry tycoons such as Microsoft, Oracle, KPMG and Prometric. These tie-ups help the institute to be in regular touch with these companies where the companies managers visit the institute frequently, interact with its students and impart their own curriculum, while students undergo training. This, not only ensures enhanced student employability, but also encourages 'innovative' learning in a novel phenomenon. Building on their illustrious track record in helping students to connect to future challenges, NIET has taken their ability to deliver industry ready human resources to the next level.
"Future leaders can only be ready when they are abreast by themselves about any changes in the industry," adds Batra. To keep the students up-to-date, the Board of Governors at NIET has formed an in-house �Pyramid Finishing Schools' which caters to the gap between University curriculum and Industry needs. PFS is a place where students are trained according to the industry requirements giving individual student a 360 degree improvement, not only in the areas like soft skills, life skills, technical skills and etiquettes but also exposing the students to time management, team-work and project management. Under PFS, students are first assessed on their various skills and particular training is organized for bridging the gap that exists. Once the training & workshops are over, students are given opportunities to appear for the recruitment drives. The concept has resulted in a steep increase in the employability of students. NIET has an excellent track record of repetitive placement visits by the country�s top notch employers resulting in an exponential growth in the placement numbers over the years.

Functioning inside a sprawling 13.9 acre serene area, NIET offers facilities of next level that competes with international B-Schools. The infrastructural standards and the facilities in making industry ready graduates are well spoken of by the alumni. The institute has established an internet portal connecting NIET alumni called 'AlmaConnect' which has more than 2500 members associated with it. The alumni help the institute to be well aware of the various industries they are in that help the institute plan well ahead for the future.

With future aspirations to maintain its leading position in placements, to further upgrade the Quality of Guest lecturers on current Topics and Emerging Trends, so as to prepare Students as Entrepreneurs and Professionals for the Global Market; NIET continues to surpass its previous accolades in pursuit to achieve new ones by providing True- Professionals' and thus meet the expectations of the Industries at International Level.