NL Dalmia Institute Of Management Studies & Research: Upskilling Youth With Right Skills To Be Future-Ready

By Dr.Seema Saini, CEO | 2022-08-04 08:42:26
Dr.Seema Saini,CEO With the principle of Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya – From Darkness led me to Light, as the foundation, NL Dalmia Institute of Management is striving to be an apex institute for young minds to be developed as skilled professionals. The Institute is driven towards providing pedagogy constituting high quality education with a backing of strong theoretical concepts albeit in the context of the real world through case studies and project-based learning. The academic programme of the institute is based on Kaizen philosophy which means continuous improvement by comparing the standard and actual performance as well as eliminating the loopholes and reinforcing the strengths.

Located on Mira Road, Maharashtra, NL Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research was founded by Chairman Shri Niranjanlal Dalmia in 1995 under the flagship of NL Dalmia Educational society. The Institute offers a composite study environment for students where they are empowered with best knowledge, exposure, tools and training. Apart from MBA, the Institute provides PhD programme and valueadded certification courses like Bloomberg.

Instilling Young Minds With Knowledge And Skills
According to the mission of NLDIMSR, the institute is working hard to provide its learners value-based quality management education with a global outlook and social conscience. The institution believes in going above and beyond the basic degree requirements and learning beyond the normal curriculum. The Academic Advisory Council of NLDIMSR, which consists of recognized and experienced industry veterans and scholars, follows a meticulously developed curriculum to prepare students for current industry requirements and to keep them up to date on the latest developments.

The academic rigour of business management courses, the real-world experience students receive, and industry involvement in management classrooms have positioned the institute among India's top management schools. Students at NLDIMSR are taught to think independently and cultivate ideas, with the goal of training future leaders. When this practise is guided by principles and ethics, it develops leadership
characteristics in young pupils who will help to establish a civilised, prosperous, and progressive society.

Besides the MBA and PhD research programmes the institute offers its learners with value-added courses include Big Data and Bloomberg certification programmeslike BMC and BLOOM Berg Analyst that are held during the week outside of academic hours. As part of our Global MBA programme, we partner and collaborate with foreign universities such as the University of Wisconsin- Parkside in the United States to provide students with exposure and job prospects.

Mr. Shailesh Dalmi, Secretary

The college has implemented MSR (My Social Accountability) in the Institute rather than CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to develop a sense of responsibility among the learners. Rather than passing responsibility to the corporation, we would encourage the students to take on their share of responsibilities. learners can enhance their knowledge of management education, through case studies, business games, simulations, research projects, coaching and mentoring Guest lecturers and speakers are regularly invited to the campus to provide students and teachers with new perspectives and information.

To provide the best of knowledge about the subject matter, NLDIMSR is providing the students with faculty members with vast experience and expertise in their respective fields. The institute hires the top professors from IIMs, IITs, and US colleges who have deep subject matter expertise, decades of industry experience, academic competence, and a sense of global significance. They combine content knowledge with a contextual understanding of how it relates in the real world, focusing on application and execution rather than memorization and exam prep. This is accomplished by emphasising personal experience, case studies, simulation exercises, conversations, and research over more traditional, passive teaching methods.

NLDIMSR encourage and support our faculty to earn a PhD, with the goal of having all of our teaching staff complete this by 2020. Students are exposed to groups and engage in intercollegiate
level conferences and Paper Presentation Competitions, in addition to the Institute's emphasis on academic vigour.

Students must be informed about the current business environment and create their own ideas. Events like as the International Marketing Conclave, Maadhyam, Mulyankan, HR Conclave, Shikhar, Aakarshan, Howzzat, and Alumni Meet inspire our students to be
inventive and creative, which will help them succeed in the corporate world.

A Path Towards Greater Achievement
The Institute has a strong business network, prominent MNCs and blue-chip firms come to campus every year to recruit students. All students are given an equal chance for placement, and the institute makes every effort to place them in the position, profile, and location of their choice. Students receive support and guidance from the Institute to aid in their placement. Summer Internship Projects (PPO) offered by the Institute also provide opportunities for placement.

"The institute is striving to Become a trendsetter, a Torchbearer which inspires Brilliant minds to reach new Heights"

“N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research established in 1995, enjoys a stellar reputation in business and management circles. When we started in 1997, we were ranked amongst the top 700 B-Schools across India. Now, we are amongst the top Institutes in Mumbai. Good leadership facilitates individuals, companies and industries to think differently about how to do business for the benefit of the stakeholders and the society. It transforms behaviour, creates new opportunities, inspires decisive action, motivates excellence and represents the best of essential leadership skills”, states Dr.Seema Saini, CEO of N.L. Dalmia Educational Society.

NL Dalmia Institute of Management and Research aims to create a stimulating environment that is both inviting and demanding. The goal is to expose the learners to global concerns and views. The institute is striving to become a trendsetter, a torchbearer which inspires brilliant minds to reach new heights. The institute encourages the students to question the status quo by honing their analytical and investigative skills, ultimately transforming them into global business leaders. Over the time, NLDIMSR has developed a genuinely global perspective on the difficulties that international businesses and their leaders face.