NSHM Business School: Emerging As A Knowledge Hub Of Global Excellence

By Dr. Alok Satsangi, Director | 2022-08-04 08:44:12
Dr. Alok Satsangi,Director In today’s business landscape, new markets, people, capital, services, and cultural knowledge constantly evolve and spread across borders. Having an MBA degree not only enables the students to understand the intricacies of conducting business locally or across borders but also broadens their knowledge and skillsets. Furthermore, it demonstrates to employers that a prospective employee has global exposure and mindset, distinguishing you from others while competing for a job. Specialized in providing cutting-edge international management education that equips its students with a comprehensive professional background, NSHM Business School in Durgapur has emerged as a premium hub of MBA education that draws top students from the country.

Equipped with a team of four career development professionals who provide students with relevant career information, NSHM Business School, Durgapur follows a structured line of actions to help the students pursue the path which fits them best. Envisioned to be a knowledge hub of global excellence, NSHM Business School is seamlessly engaged in enhancing the quality of life by imparting and advancing knowledge and skills, unleashing creative abilities, and inculcating responsible values and attitudes.

Providing Experiential Learning In An Open And Friendly Atmosphere
Since inception the ideology of NSHM Business School Durgapur was to deliver quality education with industry-relevance training. NSHM Business School, Durgapur has always aimed towards giving global exposure with excellent learning experience through innovative knowledge, imparting techniques, lifestyle education, and cross-domain exposure to the students so that they can excel in the corporate world.
At NSHM, students have experiential learning in an open and friendly atmosphere in which students learn today to be the experts of tomorrow. Instead of providing the traditional system of education, NSHM Business School in Durgapur is focused on blended learning to make them employable as per the demand of the corporate. The exclusive department of placement and training of NSHM Business School in Durgapur is actively involved to identify the lacuna of the students and taking corrective measures to make all the students employable other than providing quality education in conformity with the MAKAUT syllabus.

“Case writing workshop, CBS pedagogy, and implementing an innovative approach of blended learning are the USP of NSHM Business School in Durgapur in Eastern India. NSHM Business School offers the best business management course to shape creative minds and equip them with the skills to lead national and international organizations, resulting in a pool of the next generation of entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives who place a firm emphasis on ethical behavior. It provides a once-in-alifetime opportunity to collaborate with some of the most prominent brands in the world. At NSHM Business School, you’ll also obtain value-added global certifications in digital business, advanced analytics, and more, which will help you get a degree that stands out”, shares Arnab Roy, Cecil Antony, Chief Mentor, NSHM Business School.

Preparing A New Breed Of Industry-Ready Professionals
NSHM Business School thrives to make difference in the life of the students by practicing various activities like internships, group presentations, live projects, debates, alumni lectures, and more. All these activities encourage the existing students to be more proactive and learn things more practically. NSHM Business School focuses on the overall growth of the students through multiple activities. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that the students get ample scope and exposure to learn various concepts of management practically. The mock interview sessions, soft skill sessions, English language
proficiency sessions, and the Alumni Speak sessions are all conducted at regular intervals in the course. At NSHM every student is important to the teachers and every student is given proper attention. This makes NSHM Business School better than other Business schools in terms of placements.

The fast-evolving nature of business operations in every industry has made it necessary for academic institutions to prepare a new breed of industry ready professionals. Over the last 25 years, NSHM Business School in Durgapur has been shaping industry-oriented graduates to join the workforce. The institute places special emphasis on inculcating a professional outlook in the students, nurturing corporate values, and equip them with skills required for complex decision-making and an out-of the- box approach to problem solving.

NSHM Business school has tie-ups with the industry in various specializations like Human resource, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Logistics, and Health Care. This year NSHM Business School has collaborated with Yangpoo and EduClass, Singapore, the global leaders acting as the gateway to some of the elite international universities and securing a job at top global corporates.

"Over the last 25 years, NSHM Business School In Durgapur has been Shaping industry oriented Graduates to Join the workforce"

The program is ofa duration of two years where the students get to complete their MBA program as well secure an 18 month long paid virtual internship with leading MNCs of the world while pursuing their course. “Very recently implementation of blended learning at NSHM Business School in Durgapur created a landmark in eastern India and we are planning to render education digitally.

At NSHM we are looking forward to globalization and digitization, hence special softwares are put in place to help in the placement of the students not only across India but also across the globe in various reputed industries”. signs-off Alok, Director, NSHM.