Higher Education Review Beyond IIMs Top B schools Survey, 2016


We hope our effort to create this comprehensive ranking of B-Schools will help the student community to broaden their horizons and grasp opportunities beyond the IIMs.

Top 10 B-Schools with High-Quality Infrastructure & Facilities


Institute Name



1 LM Thapar School of Management 121.23 Patiala
2 Symbiosis Inst. of Telecom Mgmt. 120.95 Pune
3 PESIT Department of MBA 118.65 Bangalore
4 GIBS Business School 101.36 Bangalore
5 VIT Business School 101.12 Vellor
6 Institute of Public Enterprise 99.3 Hyderabad
7 Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies 91.14 Kochi
8 Chandigarh Business School of Administration 90.45 Mohali