10 Most Promising Educational Institutes for Higher Education in Europe for Indian Students - 2019

From inventing groundbreaking technologies like telephone, the printed press, cinema, and the World Wide Web to regular artifacts like Swiss army knives, eyeglasses, Celsius thermometer, and alarm clock, over the centuries Europe has been one of the creative innovation's centers. In between becoming a major technology inventor, Europe started gaining fame as an attractive study destination among many Indian students. Due to its tremendous achievement in the fields of business, technology, arts, archeology, and obviously sports, today, Europe is the first choice by the Indian students who have desires to grow and accomplish great career heights. Today, one of the best illustrations about the European education system is that the various European countries have their own higher education system, all of which are aligned under one governing unit ­ European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Formed in 2000 to ensure a well organized higher education system in the continent, EHEA is an initiative of the Bologna Process, which always aimed at providing comparable and distinguished education to the Europeans. Not just because of the alluring learning facilities, but also because to sink in the native culture of the country where a student desires to study, Europe holds a firm ground as an education imparter. Some other aspects for which education in Europe is famous are its budget living and academic costs. As a matter of fact, some of the universities provide full scholarship to the students who match their eligibility criteria. After completing education, a student gets the choice to work in any local start-up or renowned MNCs and different universities has their own categories filled with research various activities for the students, who wants to remain connected to the research and development sector. In the next pages of this issue of the Higher Education Review ­ readers will gain insights on these research activities in addition with various other academic facilities, campus placements, and major aspects of the European education system as our editorial team presents to you a list of `10 Most Promising Educational Institutes for Higher Education in Europe for Indian Students ­ 2019'. After thorough inspection by a panel of immensely qualified experts, researchers, and academicians, we present to you the names of renowned and exciting institutes.

10 Most Promising Educational Institutes for Higher Education in Europe for Indian Students - 2019




Baskent University Etimesgu, Ankara Baskent University is providing state-of-the-art education to students from all over the world who have utmost respect towards culture and heritage and are competitive.
Cracow University of Technology Krakow, Poland Ensuring high quality of education giving students the most durable and most valuable asset - knowledge.
GISMA Business School Berlin, Germany The B-School is preserving the management talents of Germany and attracting many international students every year due to its standout and exceptional management education.
International Business School Hungary Providing its students from over 100 countries not just with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, but also skills and networking opportunities that bring lifelong competitive advantages.
Jacobs University Bremen, Germany The university is providing extensive learning opportunity to the students through its rich research education and interdisciplinary learning.
Mary Immaculate College Limerick A University-level College of Education and the Liberal Arts, academically linked with the University of Limerick
PFH Private University of Applied Sciences Gottingen, Germany The teachings of the university has an amalgamation of latest technologies and innovation through which the students gain impeccable practical knowledge.
Social Sciences University of Ankara Altindag, Ankara Social Sciences University of Ankara produces leaders who are creative, critical thinker, team builders and audience attractor.
SRH Hochschule Berlin Berlin, Germany The university is poised to bring the best out of the students through research and interactive learning and it provides the best study condition to its students.