Ranjit Kour,Principal

Ranjit Kour


Holding the pride of being the first nursing college in Himachal Pradesh, Akal College of Nursing is creating professional nurses since 2008. The College was initiated by the Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib with the aim of incorporating qualities like honesty, integrity, dedication and hard work in the students. All the programmes offered by the institution are accredited by the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and approved by Himachal Pradesh Nurses Registration Council. “The current education system is not equipped to handle the large influx of students needed to meet the increased demand for highly skilled nurses. Hence we have designed a course, which will help the students to become skilled and proficient in the realm of nursing industry,” says Ranjit Kour, Principal, Akal College of Nursing. Starting with offering a 4-year B.Sc Nursing course, today the institute became the first in the state to offer 2-years M.Sc Nursing programme with specialties viz.

Medical-Surgical Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing and OBG Nursing. A strong nursing force is a key to a healthier county; therefore the need of the hour is to adopt a teaching- learning approach where the students can gain the optimum practical and theoretical knowledge within the
tenure of their course curriculum. Akal College of Nursing on this account strives to always stimulate the critical thinking skills and competencies of the students through adopting problem-based learning, Case study, Case Presentation, Group Project, Panel discussion and providing clinical training. “The parent hospital of the institution Akal Charitable Hospital along with other associate hospitals such as Indira Medical College and Hospital, Shimla, Shri Balaji Hospital, Jaslok Hospital ,Bai Jerabai Wadia Hospital and so on with whom we have industrial relation facilitates the students to undergo practical training,” shares Kour. Numerous researches show that the nurse students should be able to rehearse their theoretical studies, as it would permit them to acquire adequate reflective skills. The institution owns laboratories like Maternity & Child Health Nursing Lab, Community Health Nursing Lab, Nursing Foundation Lab and Advance Nursing Skill Lab that responds the handson training need of the students within the campus. “The labs are an integral part of our nursing instruction which provides students with clinical exposure opportunities in a risk-free environment,” says Kour.

Advocating Correct Balance between the Industry and Academia
A nursing student’s placement is a vital part of their learning experience. Getting a right kind of placement can be proved beneficial both for the institution and the student’s career.Akal College of Nursing is known for its industry relation and providing 60 percent campus placements to students in well-known multi-specialty, Government, Army and PGI hospitals. “The academic
collaboration with Drexel University Philadelphia lets the institution to stay updated with the current trends in nursing education and research advances,” opines Kour. This international collaboration helps the institution to erase the complexity of healthcare system and the critical shortage of nurse educators by administering appropriate opportunities and contacts at legitimate time. Right from the selection to the placement procedure, the loop of highly talented 28 faculty members goes beyond their way to provide the best quality of education to the students and shape their career in a constructive manner. “To keep them updated and create department wise pedagogy and content, we conduct FDP for the faculty members on every Wednesday and journal club on every Friday,” stated Kour. The institution along with varied faculty development programs also organizes International Conference & Workshops every year. Rather than following a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to teaching, personalized learning support tailored to the student’s skills by the faculty members of the institution is no doubt of addressing the scarcity of professional learning.

Nursing education has evolved drastically over the years and the institution has been constantly revising its curriculum and pedagogy for meeting the changing parameters of the industry. Using the best practice guidelines, faculty plan, implement, student instruction, and learning experiences, the institution has definitely achieved tangible milestones and craved a space for itself in the region.

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