Akshay Kanti Bam,Chairman - Indore Nursing College

Akshay Kanti Bam

Chairman - Indore Nursing College

The 21st century nurses are expected to not only be a caring and compassionate human being but also hold a valid degree, which helps them to obtain a nursing license. The nurses should be ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ as they are intended to possess knowledge of everything ranging from different laboratory machines to a variety of medicines. In order to meet the need of demand of registered nurses in the country, ICON Education Society laid the bricks of Indore Nursing College in 2006 under the guidance of its young and energetic Chairman, Akshay Kanti Bam. The attainments Indore Nursing College has been demonstrating since its inception conferred the college the title of “Best Nursing College in Madhya Pradesh by Asia Education Summit & Awards”.

Granted by the Indian Nursing College, the institution encompasses courses viz. B.Sc. in Nursing(4 years), P.B.B.Sc. in Nursing(2 years Degree), Diploma in G.N.M(3 years), M.Sc. (2 years) with specialization of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing. Indore Nursing College is affiliated to M.P. Medical Science University, Jabalpur and Devi Ahilya Vishwavidhyalaya, Indore. “Nursing graduates need to work collaboratively and effectively with other health professionals in a complex and evolving environment.
We accordingly adopt a distinct module of teaching that prepares them to assume their roles in primary care, long-term care and other settings as well,” says Tulshi Shringi, Vice Principal, Indore Nursing College. Along with theoretical part of the curriculum, the students have to undergo various training programs like personality development course, corporate, computer skills and so on. The institute also comes forwards and conducts International, National workshops, and conferences by renowned personalities’. Furthermore, the number of affiliated hospitals with the institution lends supports to the rigorous training and enhances their practical skills.

Harmonizing Surroundings with Apt Instructing
The positive impact of a conducive learning environment is being well admitted by the students all over. In this regards, Indore Nursing College’s infrastructure facilities have been recognized and awarded as “Best Educational Building” of Central India for two consecutive years by Dainik Bhaskar and Ernst and Young. The institution is awarded as “Best Concrete Structure in Private Sector Constructions” by Ultratech, acknowledging the bewitching campus. It will not be an overstatement to say that the institution has the best campus to stay in, as it is enriched with relatively all the comforts like smart classrooms, library with a huge volume of books and study materials, good transport facility across the games and sports facilities and more. “It acts as an icing on the cake when a student gets access to a suitable learning settings in addition to mentors who hand over their striking input towards the learning experiences of the learners,” says S. G. Solomon, Principal, Indore Nursing College.
“The faculty members of the institution are responsible personalities who not only teach the students in the classroom, rather they help them in the placement process by conducting interview sessions, group discussion, and techniques to gain confidence,” shares Kamal Vyas, Executive Director, Indore Nursing College.

Cultivating Practitioners
The ratio of institutions that are offering nursing programmes is multiplying rapidly. In that case, challenges to hire and retain qualified nurses become a tough task for recruiters. However, it is the duty of the institution to instill the best knowledge in the students and make them capable to impress the recruiters. “Our students generally do not confront with lack of self-confidence or insights. We make them acquainted with the recruitment process way before the campus placement starts,” mentions Prof. Sudhir Solanki, Associate Professor, Indore Nursing College With academic coming to an end, the final year students studying various courses in nursing await for grabbing a desirable job. “The industry relation we sustain helps our students in a great manner to grasp the aspects of learning nursing set up. So far, we are proud of the dedication all the members of the institution put to launch the students on a meaningful career path,” opines Sandeep Choubisa, Sr. Faculty, Indore Nursing College. Speaking about the future proposals of the institution Shashi Chousan, Sr. Faculty, Indore Nursing College shares, “We are planning to arrange a certificate programme on rehabilitation in a joint venture with National Institute of locomotion disabilities, Kolkata. Along with this, we are also targeting to achieve record on maternal and child health in the community area.”
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