Creative Hut Institute of Photography: Creating The Perfect Learning Environment For Creative Minds To Excel

By Abin Alex, Founder & Mentor
Abin Alex,Founder & Mentor

Abin Alex

Founder & Mentor

Creative Hut Institute of Photography has grown gradually in terms of creative education, historic tradition and lush eco-friendly campus and as of now, the institute has been able to become a prime destination for aspiring students. The educationalist & photo mentor Abin Alex founded Creative Hut Institute with the motive to fulfil every photography aspirant's dream of learning and gaining hands-on experience in photography. The institute operates with a mission to lead a Gurukul way of learning providing Creative spaces for Creative minds to express & explore their creativity.

The Gurukul Way
Creative Hut Institute being purely in the photography education sector had analyzed several problems that exists in this sector. The painful fact in photography education sector in India is the lack of awareness of the people about the importance of learning & education. Unfortunately, above 70% of the people fond of Photography consider it as just clicks. It is a very common thought among the people that "What is there to learn in Photography?".

For many photography passionate people, photography is just an option to get rid of regular studies and writings. Creative Hut Institute believes that photography is beyond just the clicks. Understanding technology & utilizing it in an artistic form is the demand of photography education and to ensure that their students are developed holistically, the institute ensures that their students learn & practice to skillfully apply science as the technology & your art, to form the creativity.

Creative Hut Institute of Photography had constantly worked in bringing up the best photography educational structure for the upcoming talents of our Nation. As part of the research, Creative Hut students with the faculties developed unique & innovative Photography materials that are first of its kind & bring awareness
of Photography in its simplest form. It includes World's first Photography history calendar, World's tallest & unique photography wheel, & World's largest Photography Board Game. These inventions have been recognized & were rewarded by many awards. To name few of them are Limca Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, Indian Book of Records, National Book of records, Record Holders book of records, Miracle World records, Asian world records, Champions book of world records, Supreme world records, Excellence in Education award, Best photography college, Top promising Media & communication college, and many more.

A Place for Holistic Development
The institute seeks to provide every possible aid to the aspiring students to excel in their skills and express their talent of photography at the international level. The institute encourages the students to become morally successful in their lives by guiding them to enhance their ethics and core values. This will enable the students to take risks and advance their career graph. Creative Hut Faculties are experienced mentors in respective specialized streams. They are the main pillars of the institute, who are in and with the institute from its beginning.

“Creative Hut students with the faculties developed unique & innovative Photography materials that are first of its kind & bring awareness of Photography in its simplest form”

The faculties at Creative Hut Institute of Photography possess 10 to 14 years of experience in these fields. And the faculties stay in the same college campus & a hence they are avail-able 24x7. Creative Hut students are always blessed to have their mentors' presence in the campus. The motivation delivered by them can be felt in each of the students work. The energy & enthusiasm of the faculties are beyond words. Whether its photography, videography, editing, or designing, faculties are with the students providing them hands-on practices in it.

Being the only residential photography institute in the country, the institute is responsible to offer the best facilities, amenities, and infrastructure for the complete comfort and necessity of
students. Without a doubt, Creative Hut is providing the learners with smart classrooms as well as the experience of learning between the natural airs of the surrounding. Students are asked to expand their minds and think creatively. Their works are maintained by the institute to motivate them and offer them wide recognition via an exclusive website. "We do lots of Research & Exhibitions, Photography Tours, Workshops, and Seminars to ensure that our students get proper exposure.

Covid 19 has led to the new opportunities in photography. It brought the necessity of photography, videography & editing to a larger scale. So, now-a-days companies demand for the multitalented students such that they can do everything in emergency situations. Keeping this in as the major demand of the industry, Creative Hut always keeps its syllabus updated. With the recent industry scenario, institute has added a synchronized structure in learning.

It involves the mixing of Photography, Cinematography, Graphics, Image editing, Video editing & basic sound editing. Now we are also working on adding the Sound Recording class to our course with commercial based requirement. Creative Hut always intend to upgrade our students with multitalented skills", says, Abin Alex, Founder and Director, Creative Hut Institute of Photography when asked about how the institute ensures that their students are industry-ready and their future plans.

Abin Alex, Founder & Mentor, Creative Hut Institute of Photography
He is a well-known educationist & Researcher. He is a post-graduate in Master Design and MBA (Design Management). Alex is also a recipient of the Honorary Doctorate for his vital role in the research and invention of the World's first Photography history calendar, World's first Photography Board game, and World's biggest and unique photography wheel along with his students. He has conducted workshops at MICA, BRDS, Nirma University, IIT Gandhinagar, Chaudhari Institute, Rotary Club in Gujarat, St. Thomas College, & Wipro in Kerala. It has divulged him with abundant experience and knowledge from other professionals which he aims to cultivate in his students at Creative Hut.
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