Data Brio Academy:a complete career guide for the data intelligent society

By Soma Banerjee, Director
Soma Banerjee,Director

Soma Banerjee


India is currently among top 10 big data analytics markets in the world and the country is striving to become one among the top three markets in the next three years. At present Data Analytics is a $2 billion sector in India and it is expected to witness eightfold growth to reach $16 billion by 2025. This has generated tremendous demand for data savvy professionals globally and premier training institutes like the Data Brio Academy (DBA) are bolstering the nation’s vision of ‘Make in India’ using data science. “We are in a new world where data is the new oil! Now,the availability of data is increasing due to automation, social media and digitization.

On the flipside, the storage cost of data is decreasing due to cloud infrastructure. Many organizations have started looking at using their data to stay ahead of competition,” opines Soma Banerjee, Director, Data Brio Academy.
DBA is the first training institute in India, which is compliant to NASSCOM’s qualification pack on analytics and data science. The academy is also an authorized partner of Webel, a government of West Bengal undertaking
for skill development initiatives in Big Data, Analytics,Digital Marketing and Android mobile development.
At present, with many NASSCOM certified Master Trainers on the board,the institute provides courses in the domain of Data Science, Analytics using R, Python, IBM SPSS and SAS as well as Machine Learning, Big Data Hadoop and Spark, Cognitive analytics, Data Visualization using Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and so on. They also provide courses in Digital Marketing and Google Analytics and, Android mobile app development.

A Career Oriented Learning
The focus of DBA has always been on providing career, and not just training, on data science and emerging technologies. “We lay utmost importance on hands-on learning through project and internship with companies. Due to this, not only students or fresher graduate come for skills needed in the market today, a large chunk of working professionals also come to us for re-skilling,” says Banerjee. Since its inception in 2012, DBA is a part of the Executive Council of Data Science Foundation, which organizes International Data Science Summits, where the Corporate and Academics meet to exchange ideas, publishes Data Science magazines and promotes data scientist community globally.

“We provide face-to-face classes in our training center with world-class audio-visual facilities. To augment learning process, we provide world-class video courses, which help our students in learning at their own pace,” claims Banerjee.At DBA, there is an immense focus on hands-on learning in every course offered,whether it is a four-day workshop at a Corporate or University or a longer course at the training centers.

The institute also provides assignments and industry caselets that help the students to clear their concepts, understanding as well as applying it in real life.

A Perfect Partner for Re-Skilling and
Up-Skilling With the volume and variety of data going up, there is a huge opportunity for employees with analytics and data science skills. Hence, working professionals from different verticals – be it telecom, retail banking, hospitality, healthcare or IT and so on need skills in analytics to understand data and analyze it effectively using statistical, machine learning or visualization techniques. “We provide customized programmes in Data
Science, Big Data, Hadoop and Data Visualization as per the requirement of the company. We have done many such workshops in India in companies like British Council Management, Center for Railway Information System, TechMahindra, Motherson- Sumi, First American, GlobalLogic, CII Suresh Neotia Center for Leadership for CII member companies and many more,” pinpoints Banerjee.

“As companies increasingly prefer students with emerging technologies like data science, machine learning, many universities have shown interest in associating with us to deliver these courses as part of their curriculum,” says Banerjee. As NASSCOM SSC partner, DBA has also joined hands with KL University Vijayawada and Galgotias University, Greater Noida for the 'Train the Trainer Programme' for faculties. “We are strengthening our training portfolio in emerging technologies like deep learning, neural network as well as tie-ups with global organizations and platforms to establish a common standard for assessment and benchmark for data science capability across the world,” concludes Banerjee.

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