Datta's Institute: creating a confident trading community

By V. Vinod Kumar, Founder
V. Vinod Kumar,Founder

V. Vinod Kumar


Warren Buffet, the name in which the entire financial world resides, has been an inspiration to many who love the excitement in playing with the stock markets. In his journey to become a successful investor, the only rule he has followed is of ‘Simply put, don’t lose money!’ By setting a steadfast strategy to play in this game of money making, he has now reached a point where the world markets move on his words. Keeping a track of the market trend is the perspective the investors and traders need to focus on, in order to establish themselves in the industry in a better way. Today, in this dynamic world, there are many around us who are following Buffett’s path. Among this lot, comes Vinod Kumar, the founder of Datta’s Institute, a oneof- a-kind training centre that guides aspirants on various Modules of NCFM for Certification and Technical Analysis to develop confidence among Trading Community. “The training in this sector needs to be clear in perspective and the delivery of knowledge requires simplicity. We provide best training services, classroom facilities and guidance to be successful in the exam. All our Students have successfully completed the NCFM Certification Exam,” states Vinod.

Offering an Awareness about Trading
Generally, people have a wrong notion about the stock market and they see it as an area where people just lose money. Through Datta’s Institute, Vinod and team are also promoting a right guidance about the benefits of the stock market. “Lot of people make money in the stock market, especially in the Indian Stock market. People from all over the world come and invest in India. However, despite being in India, we are not able to harness the fruits of this particular industry because of the wrong thoughts. As people will start having the right input, India will see its growth through these stock investments,” adds Vinod.

Established in the year 2008, Datta’s Institute has trained more than 6000 people by now. In all these years, the institute has moulded good research analysts and certified analysts with CMT certifications, which cover the subjects like derivatives, advanced technical analysis and fundamental analysis. “Training on CMT has been provided by very few people in the country and we are one among them. We also offer our expertise as visiting facultiesto ICSI, brokerage companies and various MBA colleges pinpoints Vinod. The practical and research oriented training with respect to stock markets helps them to look for more opportunities in the short term and providing a path to understanding the markets in a big way.

A Hub of Prospective Traders
The personal experience of Vinod has attributed a lot in choosing Hyderabad as the location for Datta’s Institute. Indeed, it is not just the Hyderabad city, but the whole of South India was in dearth of an appropriate training facility for prospective traders. Vinod himself had faced lot struggles in finding a right place to learn and he had to move out of his native to experience the best learning about the stock market. It was from his noble thought to extend a helping hand to the trading community the Datta’s Institute was established in the heart of Hyderabad. “Now, we have students from all over India and we are even taking up a lot of topics related to capital market on media through some business prime time programmes in TV1. So, the education is not just confined to the ones approaching the institute, rather our service is also extended to the big and regular investors through discussions held on various topics of the stock market,” claims Vinod. The institute conducts many seminars in various colleges, so that the students get to know about investment opportunities within the stock markets in India.

“Further, we want to provide a lot of training on the basic levels to cater to everybody, starting from school level or college level investors to even retired people, so that they get a clear perspective from basic to concept and research level,” says Vinod. In the coming years, Vinod likes to introduce more courses, so that more number of people and more categories of investors can be accommodated in the financial world.
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