Dronalaya Educare Solutions

By Ripal Doshi, Founder & Managing Director
Ripal Doshi,Founder & Managing Director

Ripal Doshi

Founder & Managing Director

RRecently, many Indian e-learning platforms have emerged that are fulfilling the academic needs. Among these platforms, some are amplifying school students' learning paradigms. And some are guiding professionals and graduates to the path of better career opportunities by bridging the gap between knowledge seekers and knowledge providers through real-time online learning programs. Residing in this glamorous list of versatile e-learning platforms, Dronalaya Educare Solutions is resolving learning problems encountered by individual and corporate knowledge seekers in the fields of competitive examinations, career enhancements, languages, arts, and music. Set up in 2016, Dronalaya Educare Solutions is the brainchild of Ripal Doshi, an engineer and MBA graduate with over 20 years' of experience in the consulting sphere.

An ardent consultant from the early days of his career, Ripal spent hours at work providing priceless consultation to industry heavyweights. However, at home Ripal stayed busy with the kids, teaching them either academic subjects or non-academic creative art forms. While doing so, Ripal took assistance from various online learning platforms, only to find one of the biggest constraints of video-based learning. "The limitation of unanswered doubts is the foremost restriction. Moreover, at work I found everyone talking about the certification courses which were purely academic. This was when the thought of starting an e-learning platform and providing courses on academics and non-academics triggered. Along with my wife, Bijal Doshi and corporate partner Adhar Samria, I marched forward and introduced the platform with the aim to support the cause of learning by connecting knowledge seekers, knowledge providers, support services and the sponsors," says Ripal Doshi.

By adopting marketplace strategies and interactive
learning, Ripal has made Dronalaya a virtual playground for trainers and knowledge seekers. First, Ripal plans and decides the courses he wants to deliver, then he puts it on Dronalaya's website. Based on his course execution process and market demands, trainers from different parts of the world apply for participating in the teaching process. Once Ripal receives the applications, he selects the trainer for a particular course after taking thorough interviews. He then sets the course contents, fees and duration. With all done, Ripal divides Dronalaya's knowledge seekers into two groups ­ Individual Knowledge Seeker and Corporate Knowledge Seeker. In the corporate knowledge seeker's side, Ripal allows a group of 15 persons to learn and interact with each other and the trainer in one session, whereas, in the individual knowledge seeker's group, only the trainer can see all the participants. However, the participants can be heard by all. Even the learning sessions are recorded for quality verification. Eventually, this helps a knowledge seeker to locate the best trainer on Dronalaya's website.

Dronalaya has segregated the academic courses for various age groups. For the age group of 14 to 21, the online learning platform allows knowledge providers to introduce courses on competitive examinations like IIT JEE. Their website further promotes skill enhancement knowledge providers to conduct various unique programs on industrial management, HR, Finance, marketing, statutory requirements, taxation, medicine, legal, pharmacy, chartered accountancy, journalism, IT, aviation and logistics. They can connect with the knowledge providers and select courses based on their career perspectives. "When you enter the corporate world, you know you have to learn-unlearn-relearn till you retire. This is where the corporate side comes into play. There are numerous knowledge providers on this vertical who mainly create courses for the age group of 21 to 41. We also offer management topics like 'How Do We Look At Project Management Better' or 'How Do We Look At Operations Management Better', explains Ripal.

Towards Making Dronalaya a Knowledge Seeker's Primary Choice
Benefits are widespread for knowledge seekers at Dronalaya as it provides the platform to corporate trainers for conducting exclusive programs like online workshops specifically for corporate trainees, knowledge riders or any company that is new to training. Dronalaya also helps in open programs. "Openness is when there are multiple corporate individuals who could participate. Like for example, I'm conducting a project management workshop in which the website could be overloaded with participants. But there will be no disconnection or bad network as Dronalaya operates on extremely low bandwidth. We also have mobile application for iOS and Android that has different subscription packages for corporate and individual knowledge seekers," explains Ripal.

From 2017 onwards Dronalaya's mainframe operation started and following that they have introduced knowledge providers who training conducted sessions in Bengaluru which were attended by knowledge seekers even from the United States and the United Kingdom. Almost two years in its incorporation, Dronalaya has designed training programs for corporate sides even in remote places like Umalgaon. Now, Ripal is entirely dedicated to developing more academic and non-academic content for knowledge seekers at affordable rates from proficient knowledge providers. He wants to ensure that even people who really can't afford education get sponsored learning openings from Dronalaya. Most importantly, Ripal wants to ensure that technology in education is being leveraged in the right way so that there is no chance for passionate knowledge seekers to miss out on learning opportunities.

Ripal Doshi, Founder & Managing Director
Ripal started his career as a consultant at A.F. Fergus and gradually gained a reputation as a specialist in his field. He has worked in several other firms like Siemens Information System Ltd. and SISL; before becoming the director at Phoenix Consultant and Pistis Consultancy Solution LLP. Ripal co-founded Aspire Infinite and is leading the way as the founder and managing director of Dronalaya Educare Solutions.