Vineet Patawari,Co-Founder and CEO

Vineet Patawari

Co-Founder and CEO

An education institute becomes invincible when its teaching quality reaches the farthest lands or the unknown places from the words of its countless number of students. Such has been the journey of Elearnmarkets. The rapid growth in the students' count encouraged Vivek Bajaj, Founder and Vineet Patawari, Co-Founder and CEO, Elearnmarkets, to establish the online financial learning digital portal - in addition to the existing classroom learning center, Kredent Academy. Being commerce students and working in the finance industry for quite a time, Vivek Bajaj and Vineet Patawari realized the demand of finance courses long ago. In fact, the idea to launch Kredent Academy came to this duo's mind when people and students wanted to learn more about trading and investment. However, they had no place to go and learn the practical aspects of finances. Taking measurable strides for creating a reputed financial institution, Vivek germinated the seed of creation of Kredent Academy in 2008 in Kolkata. Shortly after six years, they ventured into online courses through Elearnmarkets in 2014.

Focused on Financial Marketing Courses
Incorporating more than 150 courses covering all aspects of financial markets as well as preparatory courses for CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), FRM (Financial Risk Management), banking, mutual funds, financial planning and wealth management. Elearnmarkets has brought world-class contents for learners. "If you ask about the range of online financial courses, we have covered all areas of financial market. There are courses starting from basics of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, to derivatives trading, currency and commodity trading. We keep building new content to add to our repository of courses as the financial market is a very
dynamic field and the overall dynamics change very frequently. Supporting this noble cause, there are 50+ extremely popular stock market stalwarts that contribute to the course content," says Vivek Bajaj. Elearnmarkets brings them on-board and they deliver industry-specific lectures on finance education.

"Most of the trainers at Elearnmarkets are people from financial market, who have spent appreciable time as traders, research analysts or fund managers"

Working with students and professionals of age group 20-25, Elearnmarkets offers courses ranging from duration of one to six months. On the other hand, for people who are already working in financial markets and have time constraints, Elearnmarkets provide them with a series of webinars, seminars and workshops. "We identify the best experts to conduct webinars and provide them the infrastructure too. You will find that the whole idea of webinars is to make awareness for the existing stock market participants on micro modules and small important topics," explains Vineet Patawari. Most of the trainers at Elearnmarkets are people from financial market, who have spent appreciable time as traders, research analysts or fund managers. They follow a unique pedagogy, relating the common concepts of finance market with real time market scenarios for an enhanced understanding of the stock market. The trainers try to keep it practical as much as possible so that the learners do not lack in implementing those in daily life.

Receiving Support from Prominent Establishments
For the medium to long-duration courses, Elearnmarkets has been fortunate to have collaborations with some of the very treasured academies like NSE (National Stock Exchange) Academy, MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange), and NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivative Exchange). With these series of collaborations, Elearnmarkets have been able to add value to the participants' careers by integrating world-class certification programs. Among these certification programs, more than 20 programs have been jointly approved and certified by NSE
Academy and Elearnmarkets. "Pursuing our Research, Trading and Advisory (certified by NSE Academy) certification program, learners get placed with stockbrokers and equity research firms. In support of smooth career transitions of the learners, we have created a job portal in our website, wherein every learner can search and apply for jobs," states Vineet.

Ingenious teaching - learning approaches have helped Elearnmarkets to gain 150,000 learners, who are either utilizing the premium courses or free courses. They also have started vernacular based content for finance courses and are in talks with multiple universities for incorporating best degree programs. Based on its current records, Elearnmarkets is due to reach 1 million users within the next couple of years. Recently, Elearnmarkets received an award for being the Top 10 Best Financial Market Training Institutes In India. Their YouTube channel has crossed 1.7 lakh subscribers.

"Seeing our huge success, last year, great investors like Ramesh Damani invested on Elearnmarkets. Since we are into education and we are doing it with the help of technology, we needed investments to scale up the entire education procedure. This year we are raising funds so that we can go global and train people on financial markets in other countries as well. As we give practical insights into the areas like equity research, investment banking, trading, equity valuation and financial modelling; our courses are of great value addition for professionals, graduate and postgraduate students," speaks Vivek.

Vineet Patawari, Co-Founder and CEO
Vineet is an IIM Indore Alumnus, a Chartered Accountant by profession and a passionate entrepreneur. He helps in strategizing and executing Elearnmarkets in product innovation, product marketing and brand building. He is a team player and thoroughly enjoys solving business problems. Vineet also loves digital marketing and blogging. For recreational purposes, he solves critical mathematical problems and reading philosophy.
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