S. Jayachandran,Chairman

S. Jayachandran


Founded in 2005 in the fond memory of his mother, Alamelu Ammaal, by the visionary and multifaceted Shri. S. Jayachandran, Alamelu Ammaal Educational trust is a well-known name in the educational arena of the country. The trust, which runs a number of educational institutions under the name ‘J.N.N Institutions,’ has remained strongly dedicated to delivering quality education to the future of the nation, since the very beginning of its establishment. However, in 2017 aiming to inspire the students to grow into dynamic leaders and sensitive human beings, the trust laid the foundation stone of J.N.N Arts & Science Women's College. "J.N.N as a modern-day institute envisions transforming the ‘what and how’ of education by embedding timeless values and beliefs of cultures and our connections to nature with knowledge and technology to define how we lead humanity," shares Naveen Jayachandran, Vice-Chairman, J.N.N Arts & Science Women's College.

Studying at J.N.N revolves around lifelong learning, self-discovery to explore knowledge and achieve new abilities. Located at about 26 kilometres from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the institute presently encompasses four Schools, viz. School of Commerce, School of Humanities, School of Science and School of Management, under which a range of bachelors programmes are conducted. "We have incorporated state-of-the-art facilities in our campus that include laboratories, computer labs, library, seminar halls, gym and so on. A sound effort is put on to enable each of our students to realize their respective dreams in an environment that is suitable and vibrant," claims Jayachandran.

The institute's faculty members, who have been appointed after comprehending their
high qualifications and experience, make sure to indulge the students fully in the teaching-learning process and allow them raise questions followed by gaining a critical thinking capability.

"For intensifying the employability quotient, J.N.N has designed the J.N.N EDGE program as a unique model that nurtures the broad development of the students and maps a synergistic relationship among intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative potentials"

Jayachandran says, "Right from the induction day, we start stimulating our students towards possessing a right attitude and pragmatic thought process, which in today's date is of sheer importance. Further, our campus to corporate connect programme in partnership with IT giants such as Wipro, facilitates the students to have a smooth path into their professional life." Not only the faculty members disseminate their knowledge among the students, but the institute also invites senior corporates and industry personnel from time to time for sharing their experiences and expertise regarding organizational culture and real-industry scenarios. Given this, the students, way before joining any organizations, are able to understand the work environment and the challenges associated with it.

Rendering an Edge over Others – J.N.N EDGE

As an institute for women, special emphasis is put on to empower each one of the students, enabling them to earn a respectable status in the society. For intensifying the employability quotient, J.N.N has designed the J.N.N EDGE program as a unique model that nurtures the broad development of the students and maps a synergistic relationship among intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative potentials. It is mandatorily required for the students to engage, learn and experience J.N.N EDGE. The various modules of J.N.N EDGE are integrated into all the courses in every semester.

The Training & Placement Department in the campus, which organizes varied grooming activities and it works closely with all the Departments of the College in order to monitor students’ growth in every aspect.
Further, the unique six-phased soft-skill training module prepared by the Cell makes the students more confident to express their ideas and thoughts. "Job-ready from day one is becoming a norm that the recruiters look for today. As a young institute, we focus on all such elements, which can open the success road for our students," opines Jayachandran.

The exclusive soft-skill training is rendered by talented and experienced trainers, followed by a series of mock exercises, which greatly enhance the overall personalities of tomorrow's leaders. The cell, apart from looking at job opportunities to the students, provides career and overseas education counseling. However, in order to stay true to their promises of delivering relevant education to the students, the institute encourages both the students and faculty members to keep updating their knowledge whether by conducting one-of-its-kind activities or asking them to visit the industry and attain hands-on training. "Every semester, we organize two workshops, one symposium/conference and guest lecture on the recent trends in respective domains in every department," pinpoints Jayachandran.

Operating on the foundation of skill-based education, the students rather being forced to achieve high grades are motivated to evolve as the change makers and innovators at J.N.N. "Ample exposure is given to our students in the form of internships, live projects, field visits and corporate interactions," shares Jayachandran. Along with job seekers, for the students who dream of embarking into the journey of starting their own venture, the Entrepreneurship Cell of the institute conducts necessary programmes, ensuring to develop essential entrepreneurial skills. Various Entrepreneurial Development Organizations such as Khadhi Village Industrial Commission are also welcomed in the campus to conduct awareness programmes on entrepreneurial activities. "Although, our first batch of students is set to receive their graduation in 2020, we are sure that all of them will be able to mark their names in the professional space. At J.N.N, we are on a mission to create a learning universe for the future while nurturing the elements, values, beliefs, and insights that make us human," concludes Jayachandran.
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