London College For Design And Fashion - Hanoi: Imparting Compelling Courses In Design And Fashion Enabling Students To Be Future Ready

London College For Design And Fashion - Hanoi: Imparting Compelling Courses In Design And Fashion Enabling Students To Be Future Ready

Fashion and Design are currently one of the most highly sought after careers around the world. The youth today is much more fashion conscious than ever before. This demand is reciprocated by the fashion industry which is constantly seeking out fresh talent. As fashion evolves, elements of regional significance are rapidly being brought into contemporary pieces to form a wonderful fusion of tradition and modernity.

These fresh new ideas along with some abstract concepts are taking the world by the storm. London, New York, Paris, and Milan, the fashion hubs of the world, are welcoming people from all over to showcase their talents, and enrich the design and fashion industry even more. With the growing demand for these sectors, there is also a high level of awareness around the world, for the need for quality fashion education.

In order to educate Vietnamese students in design, the London College for Design & Fashion (Hanoi) was first created in 2004. Over the past 17 years, the institution has established a reputation for providing high-quality UK design education.

This reputation has offered graduates numerous opportunities within the international design world and provided them a crucial head start in their professional lives, including Kelly Bui, Lam Gia Khang, Rue des Chats, L'atelier, and Km 109, to name a few.

Course and Infrastructural Offerings
Martin Shoben, an authority in international design and the UK fashion business, founded and developed the London College for Design and Fashion - Hanoi. In order to create and offer the curriculum at the greatest caliber possible, all the faculty members were brought in from the UK to ensure that the graduates of the institute would be competent when applying for jobs in the sector.
Owing to the outstanding teaching personnel that LCDF - Hanoi has had thus far, many of the alumni are primary examples in the business for outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the industry and the society.

The institute is situated in a distinctive part of Hanoi where a variety of ethnicities coexist harmoniously. Connectivity to this region is simple for staff and students from other countries as they get to experience many cultures. This also offers new students and faculty abundant opportunities to easily adjust to the new environment and opportunities that Hanoi has to offer without feeling out of place. The institute fosters a friendly environment and a community feeling with the goal of helping international students feel at home.

"Our campus offers modern lecture theaters, specialist workshops and facilities, including photography, 3D workshops, Mac Lab, textiles, illustration, pattern studio, sewing studio, to name a few and canteen and beautiful open areas. Students will find it easy to get involved in a range of activities. The college also offers free Wifi, printing, photocopying, and a library to make studying as convenient as possible", shares May Cortazzi, Head of Fashion Design, London College for Design & Fashion.

In all training courses, covering fashion design, fashion marketing and communication, graphic design, and interior architecture & design, LCDF - Hanoi has students from all over the world and belonging to many nationalities. LCDF - Hanoi trains the students to be inventive since they are an artistic institution, and the graduates go on to dominate the globe within the field of designing. The Design Future course module is a crucial part of LCDF - Hanoi's curriculum since it promotes student creativity and pushes them to explore their own and the industry's futures.

London College for Design and Fashion - Hanoi's students feel at ease and are constantly inspired to be artistic courtesy of a campus that is free and near to nature as well as cutting-edge tools and infrastructure.
Every time a student develops a concept in one of the training programmes, the professors advise and motivate students to pursue it in a unique way. Stimulating excursions to traditional and artisanal regions, factory tours, and different job options are offered to students to meet prominent designers and easily grasp and get motivation for the work.

The ability to access top-notch educational opportunities and broaden one's knowledge is made possible for students by receiving scholarships. Particularly for bright kids who are also struggling financially. In order to help young designers pursue their dreams of becoming successful designers, LCDF - Hanoi presently offers a "Young design talent scholarship" that allows students to expand their creativity in a global learning environment. Full-time students, both Vietnamese and international, may get full or partial tuition support through the scholarship programme.

"LCDF Hanoi trains the students to be inventive since they are an artistic institution, and the graduates go on to dominate the globe within the field of designing"

Future Roadmap
Over the years, many of LCDF - Hanoi alumni have made tremendous contributions to the fashion and design industry, and earned recognitions and awards for their work. LCDF - Hanoi always urges its students to be inventive as they are a creative and innovative university. The Design Future module is crucial for students to consider their future plans for professional development and the direction of the design industry.

As such, the institute is focused on promoting the learnings of this module onto the students while also making continuous efforts to constantly keep upgrading the modules with latest advancements in the fashion and designing industry while maintaining the core principles. With these
initiatives and offerings, the university also aims to achieve greater international recognition and interest.
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