International College Of The Year - 2022

There are more than 2000 top higher education institutions across the world today, spread across more than 90 countries. The growing number of educational institutions on has increased the level of competition in the higher education landscape and is impelling every institution to consistently increase the quality of education it renders. In an endeavor to make higher education more accessible to a wider student base, numerous educational institutions have begun experimenting with hybrid learning models. The shift from conventional learning methods to experiential learning models is a welcome change that enables students in gaining valuable hands-on training.

As the focus on student experience is increasing, so has the intensity of scrutiny on the quality of teaching. In countries like Europe, this has been partly informed by the Bologna process, which is designed with an aim to harmonize higher education systems across the continent. Positions in both the national as well as international higher education league tables have now become the dominant way to represent this quality and their attraction is understandable. Internationalization in higher education is entering a new phase. Although international education has existed for several decades, people have sought education elsewhere with an endeavor to not only improve their lives, but also to contribute to their societies and better equip themselves as citizens of the respective countries. 

For those who are currently studying or hoping to pursue a higher education course, understanding the concept of international education is crucial. In order to help students who are looking for the best international colleges, this annual edition of the Higher Education Review magazine brings to you the select few colleges imparting holistic education in different streams of higher education. Featured as 'International College of the Year - 2022', the colleges covered in this issue have been selected based on their excellence in providing world class higher education. 

International College Of The Year - 2022




Hanyang Cyber University Hanyang University Founded in 2002, by Chong-Yang Kim, then the president of Hanyang University (currently the Chairman of Hanyang Foundation), Hanyang Cyber University (HYCU) was established to `provide open learning opportunities for everyone'.
London College For Design And Fashion - Hanoi Hanoi, Vietnam Fashion and Design are currently one of the most highly sought after careers around the world. The youth today is much more fashion conscious than ever before.
Namuna College Of Fashion Technology (NCFT) Nepal A strong sense of fashion trends and an appreciation of fabrics are two of the core skills of fashion technology.
Windesheim Honours College Netherlands From Stevin, Snel, and Huygens in the 17th century to Lorentz, Kammerlingh Onnes, Buys Ballot, De Vries, de Sitter, and Oort in the 19th and 20th, the Netherlands has produced a distinguished array of eminent mathematicians, scientists, and medical researchers, including sixteen Nobel-prize winners and other internationally recognized figures.